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Photo Friday : Masterpiece

Detail from the Moone High Cross
Photo by Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610 of a detail of the Moone High Cross, 04.22.06

Photo Friday : Masterpiece
The Masterpieces of Ireland in April 2006.

Grafitti on the Windmill Lane Studios
Porleek Dolmen
Cherry Blossoms

Left to Right: 04.20.06 – Grafitti on the Windmill Lane Studios; 04.02.06 – Porleek Dolmen; 04.25.06 – Cherry Blossoms.



For the final Audio class project, lecturer Nicky Ward had us make a soundtrack to a video. I chose to string together a bunch of my video clips of Scruffy taken with my Nokia 7610 over the last year and put them to the late ’60s cartoon theme song, “Underdog”.
Thus, I present to you, the compressed version of “Wonderdog“.

My To Do List

To Do List

Sun 05.14.06 – The 1st of the 5 MSCMM exams is on the 23rd and the last is on June 2nd. Today is get organized day, and then tomorrow I start reading & making notes/outlines.

Last Day of Classes

Nina Bresnihan
Photo of Nina Bresnihan in the last Cultural & Critical Studies class of the year.

Fri. 05.12.06 – Today is the last day of classes for the MSCMM 2005-2006 class. Next up is exams and then our summer project. We have had three days of sun, warmth (68-73 degrees F), no coat, short sleeves and we all have a bad case of Spring Fever.

Freckles, R.I.P.

Freckles, Feb. 2005
Photo taken by Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610 in early Feb. 2005 whilst on a walk in Hart Park, Orange, Calif.

While riding on the Luas to school this morning, I checked my email on my Nokia*, and found this lone note from my sister, Allison:
“I have some sad news to tell you. My dog Freckles died today, May 9, 2006. My mom found him in her yard this morning. He was almost 14.”
Freckles has had cancer since last year and after two tumor removal surgeries, the vet warned my mom a month of two ago that the end was near. I was not surprised to receive this email.
For those of you who knew him hopefully you can agree with me on this, Freckles was a great dog. There are a lot of good dogs, but few great dogs.
Freckles was friendly, laid back, and very very nice. He was very gentle to all who approached, except men that he deemed unworthy (like past roommates’ dates : “H-A-R-D L-U-C-K” and icky work dude)**. Toddlers loved him and would lurch up to him at the park and grab him around the neck before their parents could catch them. Freckles would not snap or even lick, but just stoicly receive the love.
When Mom and Allison lived at the Costa Mesa condo from 2000 to 2005, I really got to know Freckles. Whenever I would come over, he would greet me nicley and if I would say the “W-A-L-K” word, his paws and nails would dance happily on the entry wood floor. I would dogsit him when Mom and A were out of town and once had a big scare when I put him out in the yard before going to a gig at Alex’s, only to come back to find him gone gone gone. I rode my bike around the South Western quadrant of Old Town Orange yelling, “Freckles, Freckles” from 1:30am – 2:30am. Around 5:30am, I heard a scratching at the side door and there he was… back and refreshed from his Walkabout. Mom theorized later that he went to sleep under one of the Ford Explorers down the block thinking it was her car.
Goodbye, sweet and lovely Dog. Thank you for being Freckles.
* Yes, yes, yes, I know. I am a complete MoGeek. ;o)
* *Freckles did like Dave Irish and I am sure he would have liked The Zen Master, if he had met him.

Works in Progress

Wed 05.10.06 – Rather than ‘Work in Progress’.
Can someone tell me why in English (UK version) it is “Works in Progress” or “I am good at maths” or “drinks driving” or… And English (US version) it is “Work in Progress” or “I am good at math” or “drunk driving” or…
Why the grammatical difference?