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And So It Begins… The Exam Studying

May LavenderBright Light at 7pmMSCMM Class Notes

Thurs 05.18.06 – This was the day that I printed out the last of my class notes at our class lab and brought them all together in four big binders. On my way into town, I walked to the Luas via the TCD Botantic Gardens, which are in full bloom and the sun was peeping in and out of clouds (photo on left).
Here is how I know that Dublin is at a high latittude (53 degrees north): Bright, strong afternoon sun at 7:41pm (center photo). The sun has been setting around 9:30pm and I am told that in June it will be after 10:30pm. My mom will be very happy when she comes to visit.
Near midnight, I finally had all of my notes collated, organized, hole punched, and living in their respective binders (right photo). Now just to read it all plus finishing up my “required” book reading. I also finished reading “Photography: A Critical Introduction” (edited by Liz Wells, I highly recommend this book) on Thursday, now to finish the last chapter of Susan Sontag’s “On Photography“.
[End Thurs 05.18.06]
Sat 05.20.06 – I am currently reading Lev Manovich’s “Language of New Media“, of which I am enjoying as it is theoretically wrapping up the school year. “Actionscript for Flash 8” is up after that. Good thing that reading is one of my top 5 favorite activities of all time. ;o)
FYI: The first of the exams is on Tue. May 23rd and the last is on Fri. June 2nd. If I appear to fall of the planet, that is why.

Tapas Party


Tues 05.16.06 – Before starting the “serious” exam studying, I decided to invite my fave folk from our apartment building over for a tapas dinner party. When all the food and wine was lined up on the table, it was so beautiful I had to take a photo.

Canon Fodder

Thur 05.18.06 – This Bank of Ireland’s cannon’s muzzle / barrel was stuffed with plastic food wrappers.

Super Colm from Cresent to the Rescue!

Tue 05.16.06 – 59 days after I first reported my internet outage in my room to Trinity College’s IS Services networking folks, I now have a working ethernet. Thanks to Colm from Cresent for the speedy repair this morning.
ISServices: 59 days from report to repair?!? Y’all are makin’ Aesop’s Tortoise look like he is traveling the speed of light…

Iteration : for (i=0; i>each new design; i++);

Back in December I started thinking about re-designing Black Phoebe, in February I had a long flirtation with the idea, and since March I have been sketching and researching.
Well, rather than a Big CSS Reboot with the rest of the gang back on May 1st, I am going to be web 2.0 trendy and implement incremental or iterative design.
1 step + 1 step, looped over time will get me a new design. And so it has started. Watch the i++.

Feed Readers or If You Will Show Me Yours, I will Show You Mine…

In March, I had a chat with a friend who I had encouraged to start blogging and set up her blog for her. We talked about numbers. Yes, hits. Unique visitors. The if you show me yours, I will show you mine, weblog hits chat.
I came out with the smaller numbers, even though I had been at it for three times as long. Her assessment was that I didn’t blog about sex so my numbers peaked with my Nokia Lifeblog and Photo Friday referrals. Don’t forget the random Google/MSN/Yahoo searches (cute+toes), as well as family and friends who actually read this blog regularly.
It was keen moment of junior high locker room shower humiliation. The moment only lasted that and then it was over. I would rather have regular readers who enjoy my photos and writing than the current crop of foot fetishers that are finding my sister and I’s toes on Google (Thanks for coming, FF folk, but it was my sister’s birthday and I treated her to a pedicure. Nothing more.).