Feed Readers or If You Will Show Me Yours, I will Show You Mine…

In March, I had a chat with a friend who I had encouraged to start blogging and set up her blog for her. We talked about numbers. Yes, hits. Unique visitors. The if you show me yours, I will show you mine, weblog hits chat.
I came out with the smaller numbers, even though I had been at it for three times as long. Her assessment was that I didn’t blog about sex so my numbers peaked with my Nokia Lifeblog and Photo Friday referrals. Don’t forget the random Google/MSN/Yahoo searches (cute+toes), as well as family and friends who actually read this blog regularly.
It was keen moment of junior high locker room shower humiliation. The moment only lasted that and then it was over. I would rather have regular readers who enjoy my photos and writing than the current crop of foot fetishers that are finding my sister and I’s toes on Google (Thanks for coming, FF folk, but it was my sister’s birthday and I treated her to a pedicure. Nothing more.).

All of this is to say, that after three years, as of tomorrow, I am stopping my TheCounter.com subscription. I used TheCounter.com for years as an unpaid customer who put up with the ads for the good statistics, but ever since JupiterMedia took over TheCounter.com the ads on the paid subscription accounts continue grow to the point of insta-migraine trigger every time I try to view my stats.
I guess I am now used to web apps who don’t serve ads if you have a subscription to put up with a barrage of ads with a payment to the company. Thus, I have switched over to Google Analytics, as well as using a better filter for my server logs. Yes, Google Analytics is datamining me and my viewers, but so was JupiterMedia, and just about everyone else.
This post was started when I ran a search on my server’s logs this evening and found out that my atom.xml file and rsd.xml file are serving 1.25 times the feeds as unique visitors are actually visiting the blackphoebe.com/msjen main index. Wow! Now my junior high locker room moment is over. Yes, one can blog about subjects other than sex and have lots of readers. Thanks!
To all of my Lovely Feed Readers, how can I improve my xml data to help your experience? Charlie tells me that his feed reader is not serving my images, is yours? Do tell. Email me or comment to let me know what features you would like me to add or subtract.

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  1. There is a song in the new musical “Avenue Q”, which I haven’t seen by the way, called “The Internet is for Porn.” Now that we know what it’s really for, we can realize that we are bucking the trend and that’s why our numbers are down. Makes sense to me.

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