Monthly Archives: April 2006

A Small Update….

It is 12:16pm on Sunday afternoon and I am still in my jammies! Yeah!
Before I take off to drive up to the Cooley Pennisula, I just wanted to check in and say hi!
A few tidbits:
1) Yes, my thesis is done and even turned it before deadline*! Wahoo!
2) I took tons of photos yesterday whilst tripping around Offlay and Clonmacnoise. Will post a photo essay this week.
3) Yes, I still need to get up my SXSW photo essays and daily transcriptions. Will do this week.
4) Jason reminded me that I still owe a London write up…. Ooops… this week…. ;o)
*Oh, by at least 8 minutes…. ;op


View of the Round Tower and the Shannon River estuary from inside Teampall CiarĂ¡n.