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Tue 04/04/2006 18:23 – Having all the Mallard ducks around in the local ponds has led to inevitable Springtime results: baby ducks!


The Thesis is Over and Turned In. Yeah.
Now on to the next bit. We have 5.5 more weeks of classes, 2 weeks of a reading period, 3 weeks of exams, and then a blessed and much needed holiday in the sun to Spain with my mom before starting on the Project phase of the MSCMM. I have decided to start working on the reading now. No, not Lonely Planet’s Spain guide…
Last evening, I scoured our course reading lists for each class, as well as the Amazon Wish Lists for several folks whose taste I admire, and then off I went to the Trinity Library to put in requests for the books in question.
Since, I have been thinking of re-designing this site since December and have signed myself up for the CSS Reboot on May 1st, my first 4 books I checked out were design (eyecandy, web, grid, identity) books. This week I am / will be reading:
1) Alan Fletcher’s very delightful, to the eyes and brain, book The Art of Looking Sideways
2) Kelly Goto’s Web ReDesign 2.0
3) Timoth Samara’s Making and Breaking the Grid
4) Per Mollerup’s Mark of Excellence: The History and Taxonomy of Trademarks

Who are you bringing?

Last week during an iChat with George Kelly, he asked me, “Who are you bringing?”
Context: We were IM’ing about SXSW Interactive, BlogHer, Jason’s upcoming endeavors, and the turn out of women and people of color to web and blogging conferences. Both of us want to widen the circle of association, knowledge, and fun.
Ms. Jen’s Answer: I have been trying to encourage various ladies to come to SXSW Interactive for at least four years now, Lauren was the first to take up the offer and come this year, to smashing success. For BlogHer’05, I convinced Lauren and Erika to come, also to smashing success. I am currently trying to incite Julie Wanda, Marti, Megan, and Jessica to join us at BlogHer’06.
Next year, I would like to see Lauren, Erika, Julie Wanda, Megan and some of the ladies from the Trinity MSCMM program join us at SXSWi (yes, Sarah Bourke, Shonagh Hurley, AmyMaryLucy, Fionnuala, and Vicky, I am talking to you Irish ladies!).
Now, I will ask you: Who are you bringing?