Monthly Archives: April 2006

Self Discovery

This week I have discovered something important about myself: I suck at eBay.
Yes, it is true, I am not good at auctioning. I can haggle like the dickens in person, but on eBay, I forget to check back with my bidding in the last hour of the auction, and I LOSE. Yes, Ladies & Gentlmen, I have lost out on three bids this week.
I know that some folks use third party auction services to help them out in that last crucial eBay bidding hour or even the last 3 minutes, but I believe in bidding by human. Except the human known as Ms. Jen keeps forgetting to pay attention in the last few hours or minutes, as evidenced by this evening when I was googling PHP functions to create my own referers log rather than making sure I won the bid on the Nikon FM3a camera.


The Leather Mistress* sent me a Purple Crumpler Bag for the Silver Princess (who has not been blogged yet**) in celebration of my upcoming birthday. Big Thanks to LEI.
It is purple. I <3 purple. The Crumpler has lots of pocket-ess and cute little cubbie-ss. Yeah. Lauren, thank you! You rock!
*If Dave gets to be the Zen Master, than Lauren gets to be the Leather Mistress… really. ;op
** Sorry, I did blog the FedEx tracking of the Silver Princess.