Monthly Archives: April 2006

A Bumble with a Broken Wing

Sun 04.23.06 – Kind of like my internet connection. The Trinity network point in my room has not been working for over a month. Supposedly, they are coming tomorrow to attempt to repair the line, supposedly. My Irish Broadband wireless has been slower than a 9600 baud modem and won’t send anything out. Good thing my mobile phone is working.

@ Brownshill Dolmen

Sat 04.22.06 – Ruth & Erika attempt to lift the 150 ton capstone of the Brownshill portal tomb.

Flower Sellers on Grafton Street

Mon 04/17/2006 11:54 – Spring tulip cheer compliments of the Nederlands. We are now in the third day of dry, mostly thick, gray dreary clouds. Today is Easter Monday bank holiday, I am getting errands and work done in anticipation of Erika’s arrival.