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A Big Yeah!

I would like to say a big giant Congratulations to Deanna Slone and Bobby Haendiges! Yeah!
Beyond the surprise of running into Cami at El Camino Real over the holidays when I thought she was in Sierra Leone, I also found out at that lunch from Deanna that she and Bobby were dating. Hello! Yeah!
I have known Deanna since 1988 or 1989 through Cami and we were all roommates for a brief period in 1993 or 1994. I have known Bobby Haendiges since 1990 or thereabouts, as he was a good friend’s brother. At one point, Deanna was my roommate when Bobby’s sister, Judy, was also a roommate or had just moved out. The point being is that our friendship circle has been intertwined since the mid-1990s.
All that to say, these two have known each other for years and years, but only started dating last year. Now engaged. Both are very kind and gentle souls who will do very well together. Can I say…. this is truly a good match.