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Lest The Reader Think I Don’t Like Ireland…

I do.
Last night, my apartment-mate, Angee, threw a lovely Korean dinner in honor of my birthday with a few friends from our building. The food was amazing, the wine lovely (Thanks, Simon & Eoin!), and the conversation lively.
At one point, Angee brought up my blog post of this last week and took issue with it, she felt I had been too harsh on Trinity College. Now, Angee is one of the very few International students in my acquaintance who is happy with her program and the service that she has received from the College.
I like my program, but I take issue with the bits of intrenched unnecessary and inefficient bureauracy that I have encountered time and again with various offices on campus.
After telling my network point story to the assembled dinner guests and getting everyone but Angee to admit that they too would be really angry at 40+ days of no broadband that one is paying for with school housing, Angee and Eoin challenged me. Both of them wanted to know what Do I like about Ireland?
Lots. In terms of institutions that I encounter and interact with daily, here are 3 Irish things I am happy with:
1) The Luas. While lots of folk I know are not happy with public transportation in Dublin, I am. The Luas is nice, convienent, runs regularily, and best yet has a purple and yellow interior color scheme. Thanks Connex for the good job.
2) Bank of Ireland: Nice Bank of Ireland. I go to the big fancy branch at 1 College Green. The staff is nice, courteous, and very helpful. The lines are short, service prompt and they have yet to give me any hassle at all. Best of all, they let me deposit US Dollar checks to my account and the money is available in Euros in less than a week. Thanks Bank of Ireland, you rock.
3) Irish Men: Now lots of the Irish women I know complain about Irish men the way I rant about my broadband problems. To them Irish men are passive and not handsome like ___________ (fill in some other nationality). I frequently tell the women in my program that they must need glasses because Irish men are good lookin’, esp. their asses. Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, the true delight of Dublin is the lack of flat white boy butt. Irish men, by and large, have very lovely round bottoms. This is one Irish institution I can get behind….

A Big Yeah!

I would like to say a big giant Congratulations to Deanna Slone and Bobby Haendiges! Yeah!
Beyond the surprise of running into Cami at El Camino Real over the holidays when I thought she was in Sierra Leone, I also found out at that lunch from Deanna that she and Bobby were dating. Hello! Yeah!
I have known Deanna since 1988 or 1989 through Cami and we were all roommates for a brief period in 1993 or 1994. I have known Bobby Haendiges since 1990 or thereabouts, as he was a good friend’s brother. At one point, Deanna was my roommate when Bobby’s sister, Judy, was also a roommate or had just moved out. The point being is that our friendship circle has been intertwined since the mid-1990s.
All that to say, these two have known each other for years and years, but only started dating last year. Now engaged. Both are very kind and gentle souls who will do very well together. Can I say…. this is truly a good match.

Hola and all those bits…

I am sorry that I have not been very forthcoming lately, but between my internet connection issues, Erika’s visit, and my overwhelming amount of coursework/projects, I have been swept out to sea by several waves of frustration, fun, and busy-ness.
The Internet Connection bit: Currently Trinity College’s ISS networking folks are winning the 2006 award for the “Best Post-Soviet Bureauracy on the Whole Darned Planet” award. We are now into the 37th day of no network / internet in my room. At last check of the “Open Query” applet, the networking folks are getting a price bid on a new ethernet faceplace.
Yes, they can be bought at most electronic suppy stores for less than $7, but here at Trinity College, Dublin, apparently all items must be put out to contracting price bids. I bet Maplins can beat Peat’s in price. I bet I can go out and buy one and swap it out myself, before the networking folk can get their official first bid in.
Note to All Americans Thinking of Applying to Graduate School at Trinity College, Dublin: Unless you have a great love for Bureauracy, don’t.
Think UC Berkeley. Apply Yale. Wish for Orange Coast College. Just Say No to the lovely, brilliant, but oh so Frustrating and Inefficient Trinity College.
Someone in power, please explain to the department heads at Trinity that it is much, much cheaper and more efficient and better customer service to have in house trained folk who can solve the problems and fix them the first day that they come out to visit.
Dear Trinity College, please send ALL of your staff and maintenance folk for training at Boston University ASAP! BU has 3 times the students, professors, and staff that Trinity does and 3077% more efficiency and speed and less bureauracy. Jack Weldon and Ken Elmore could whip Trinity’s bureauracy into shape in 3 weeks of August training!
The Fun Bit: Erika just left today after a week long visit over my birthday weekend. Thanks, Erika! I had a blast and it was greatly restorative to have a long time friend come and see my world in Ireland. Pictures coming soon.
The Overwhelming Crazy Bit: Right now we are in the last 3 weeks of coursework before the exam reading period begins. I am / We are overloaded with project work. I am currently working on getting some Flash movie clips to layer correctly right now. Sigh.
Anywhoo have a great week. Get out and enjoy the Spring. Say hi to your local flowers and blooming tress. I will be back in full force soon.
Big giant thanks to my sister Allison and family for sending me a very funny “Theme” photo album of Scruffy and Belle “dressed” up in various outfits. I laughed hard.

Happy 3rd Blog Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to Black Phoebe : Ms. Jen!
I started this blog as my 25+10 birthday present to myself. The three years have been good and I am glad, deep down glad, for the opportunity to post photos and text and thoughts over time that all adds up to this web space.
Thank you for coming out to play and read.