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Sat 03/25/2006 11:35 – So, you say, a duck flying through a parking lot…
Ms. Jen says, taken w/ my cameraphone on a cloudy day!

Procrastination 2.0

I have my masters thesis due in 8 days and it is now time to write up all of my findings. Guess what? Procrastination 2.0 has set in, like Web 2.0, it is much of the same thing with some fancy UI and behavior layered on top… ;oD
Yes, the other night, I fully scrubbed my whole bathroom with bleach. No, I am not a germaphobe, just wanted to buy some time.
Then last night, I decided I needed to redesign a whole website and move it over onto Word Press from Movable Type. ((snort, chortle, laugh)) It did not take 5 mins.
Tonight… well, James recommended Kelsey, and Kelsey is encouraging folks to Reboot. Dang. Now I want to do the Black Phoebe redesign that I have been talking about….
Grr… must write thesis… must write thesis…

Survey Takers : Thank You

This evening I will be closing my “Moleskine to Mobile” survey for my thesis. Thank you to each and everyone of the folks who took the survey. I had far more responses than I expected.
I am now in the interview stage and will be for the next five days. I will also be writing at this time.
If you know of anyone who is doing innovative or creative work with their mobile or cameraphone, email me.
When this is all over and I have handed in my thesis, I will let you all know of the marvelous and wonderful things that folks are doing out there, in the meantime, it is write/write/read/write/research/write for Ms. Jen.

My Sister Rocks

Thur 03.23.06 – Amazon needs to hire my sister Allison & put her in charge of worldwide shipping. Allison sent the above package from Calif to Ireland in 6 days. Amazon UK can’t get a small order from the UK to Ireland in less than 5 weeks!

For Kasper

Wed 03.22.06 – Third day of Spring, the sun is shining for the 1st time since I got back to Dublin, and the dafodils are out in full force.

Thurs March 16, 2006 – Post-SXSW Interactive 2006

Today was set aside to see as many friends as possible before returning to Dublin on Friday. I started the day off with breakfast with Veerle and Geert before they took off to go to visit Cindy Li in Washington D.C.
Noon found me over at Antone’s for the Spaceland / Heidi’s Night of Beauty free afternoon party. Veerle and Geert came along to see the first band, but had left their passports in their bags back at the hotel and the door guy wouldn’t let them in without proof of age. Since they were 1 hour from departure for the airport they decided to leave. As we were saying goodbye outside of Antone’s, my former web design student Nate, now of the band The Colour, came out to smoke and we had a big hello.
Heidi was in fine form and looked fabulous in pink. She had one make up artist and one manicurist available for the free beauty fun. The first band never showed up and the second band, Cold War Kids, was who I had come to see, as it is the band of another former web design and art history student, Matt Maust.
Matt first used the name Cold War Kids for his website for the web design class and then used it for the band. We had a good talk before they played about what he has been up to and the design work he has been doing (band cds, graphics for Ever Clothing, etc.).
The best part of Cold War Kids is their music. It is fun yet thoughtful, rhythmic, and bordering on experimental rock with electric keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, and other percussion making an appearance as needed. I found their music and lyrics to be delightful and await a CD out of the band.
During Of Montreal’s set, I got my nails and make up done before departing to run a few last errands and have a lunch of my salad and leftovers at the room. In the late afternoon, I caught up with Alex over at the Austin Convention Center where he was helping the LA Derby Dolls set up for their big match against the Austin Roller Derby team.
Alex and I went off to P.F. Chang’s for drinks and ?dim sum? while we discussed the state of the Alex’s Bar website and I got his approval for a redesign using the tattoo flash art logo as a basis, as we can’t wait on his graphic designer any longer to deliver the Mexican wrestling artwork. We will also be putting the site on a CMS so that Alex and Jasper can do all of the updating themselves.
After the meeting with Alex, I walked over to the Town Lake shore amphitheater to meet up with James Craig and his friend Courtney to see Blackalicious and Spoon. As I walked over the Congress Street bridge, I saw the sunset flight of the bats for the first time in my 8 years of attending SXSW!
As I walked up to the outdoor event, Blackalicious came on and I missed most of their set while waiting in line to get in. When I walked up to where I was supposed to meet James and Courtney, I found them without having to ping James.
This was also the first time in 8 years of coming to SXSW that I saw Spoon, even though Texans have raved the band up to me since at least 1999. My bad. Good on James for suggesting the show, as Spoon was excellent. A mark of a good band is one that can draw you in at the first show even if you have not heard any of their music before. Spoon qualified.
Afterwards we went over to Molotov’s on west 6th Street to sit up on the roof patio, enjoy the warm evening, sip drinks, talk, laugh and for me to spill my wine everywhere while waving my arms around (Courtney, sorry your shoes got a bath). Both James and Courtney are good company. A lovely, lazy way to end SXSW.
They dropped me off at the hotel, I went in and looked at Flickr to see if various folks had added more photos, then to bed before 11:30pm. Hee hee hee. Now that is a delicious pleasure, to be in bed before midnight during SXSW Music!