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My New Love…

… footnotes…
As I am writing up my “Moleskine to Mobile” thesis, I am having more fun with the footnotes than with the actual academic content. David Foster Wallace and Terry Pratchett… be very afraid… Ms. Jen is joining the footnotes crew… ;o)

4 Responses to “My New Love…”

  1. kasperjj

    He he… just watch out for the urge to add endnotes to your footnotes, thats when its gone from fun to an unhealthy addiction 😉

  2. DJWanda

    Wow. We weren’t allowed to use footnotes in all papers. They were considered… passe, jejeune. Something. I guess the Irish are different. Is it MLA?

  3. Ms. Jen

    No MLA, no Chicago… Our instructions are to pick a style and be consistent. This is the Computer Science department, I think that if it was the English department they would probably have stricter guidelines.
    I have chosen footnotes, because endnotes on anything longer than 5 pages is annoying. Trying to flip back and forth to read and then check the notes, bah.
    Jeune or not, passe or not, footnotes are fun!