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Thu 03/30/2006 22:29 – Printing off final draft for proofreading, room exploding.

The Dangers of Fact Checking

I keep tripping down the “dangers of fact checking” side road. I write a line or two or paragraph or so in the lovely little thesis and then I need to check a Fact. Yes, make sure it is True and that I have Back Up for it, not just the swell of years of weblog reading and SXSW panels confusing the Facts. Yes.
So, I check a fact. Go the website, I remember reading it on. Google the fact. Google the site and approximate month I remember reading it.
Danger! Danger! Danger!
Do I then quickly note the fact and URL and go back to writing…. No. I find myself 30 – 45 minutes later delighting in George’s archives from 2003 or Adam G’s from 2002, how delightful, how interesting, more links, more sites. I want to read more.
Snap out of it! Go back to writing. Tomorrow is the big day.

Sunshine. Escaping.

Wed 03/29/2006 12:55 – Must get outside. Go for walk.
It is beautiful out. The big trees have buds on them & are starting to leaf out.

Where is that Jen?

Writing that darned thesis type thing. Until I hand it over to the printer later this week, I will be more than a bit absent from blogging and email and calls. Sorry.
I have decided that I need voice recognition software that works… Any recommendations?
Not for writing this week but for the future. I am good at verbal analysis but when I see a blank word doc, my brain gets stage fright and all the things I was thinking flee far far away. If I could just talk to my computer….

My New Love…

… footnotes…
As I am writing up my “Moleskine to Mobile” thesis, I am having more fun with the footnotes than with the actual academic content. David Foster Wallace and Terry Pratchett… be very afraid… Ms. Jen is joining the footnotes crew… ;o)