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Tue 02/28/2006 14:54 – Snow flurries as seen through the computer lab window, rain wiped the snow away 5 mins. later, and now it is sunny.

On Focus, or maybe, In Focus

When I was fifteen, my step-mom at the time gave me a Nikon FG camera. I took photography every year at high school, I shot practically every concert I could pull my camera out at, and the summer of 1984, I traded my leather jacket plus $100 for a whole dark room set up, which included a Besler 23c enlarger with lens, from a Hollywood photographer with a drug habit. Hey, I was 16 and knew how to make deal. With tin foil, my bedroom became a darkroom.
After going to college and moving out, the Besler moved around in parental garages, the lens carefully stored in its box stayed with me (still have it), and my faithful Nikon FG camera continued to travel with me. Until 1996, when my apartment in Boston was broken into and all my valuables stolen. I didn’t care about the jewellry or the cds or my other leather jacket, what upset me the most is that my faithful 12 year old Nikon FG was now doing the pawn shop rounds in Boston or surrounds. I cruised pawn shop windows for the next two weeks looking out for my camera and one pair of lapis lazuli earrings I had bought in Bethlehem, to no avail.


Isn’t Saturday for Shopping?

So, I went to Fionnualla’s today for a focus group on the Gorillaz, where we watched Gorillaz videos and talked about music marketing, then I trotted around Rathmines buying the makings of Papaya Salad (wahoo! I found green papayas at an Arab grocery! wahoo!). After I dropped all my packages off at home, I had an itch to go to Hodges & Figgis for a book for the evening, when I heard that Dublin was rioting.
Upstairs neighbor, Cherie, had just come back from a closed down Trinity, to report on the burnt cars outside the Trinity gates, Gardai in riot gear with big police dogs, etc. She was upset, as the TV news and the RTE website and were not reporting it yet. I said, let’s run a Dublin tag in Flickr. Lo, and behold, the photo and mobloggers of Dublin had come through.
Obviously, the rioters were in the mood for fightin’ today, not shopping. Didn’t they get the memo that in Celtic Tiger Ireland, one goes to O’Connell Street and Grafton Street on a Saturday to spend money, not burn cars and destroy shops? No Hodges & Figgis for me today.


Fri 02/24/2006 16:11 – Our Interactive Narrative group, Edel & Vanessa parsing William Carlos Williams’ “The Act“.

The Act
There were the roses, in the rain.
Don’t cut them, I pleaded.
They won’t last, she said.
But they’re so beautiful
where they are.
Agh, we were all beautiful once, she said,
and cut them and gave them to me
in my hand.

Calling All Mobloggers and other Mobile/Cell Phone Enthusiasts

Hello all my lovely web/mobile friends and folks who came here via Photo Friday, Nokia, or other,
I am currently working on my thesis for my master’s degree on Moleskine to Mobile: How Creative Professionals are using the Mobile Devices.
I would love if you could take 5 mins. to fill out the following survey about your mobile usage. If you have practices and opinions that you would like to share and be on record for, please fill out your name and email and I will interview you.
Also, if you could pass this link onto your blog readers or friends or colleagues who also are using thie mobiles for creative purposes, it would be much appreciated. The more, the better the survey.
If you have questions, please email me at blackphoebe at I will be at SXSWi this year and would love to say hey!
Take the Survey:

On Design of this Site and other Thoughts

Around Christmas time, I started to think about the visual and conceptual design of this site, as it has gotten too cluttered from my personal tastes, besides the redesign itch had hit.
I have been thinking about moving towards a layout where there would be one big photo, a set of thumbnails of the last 5 photos, and exerpts of text. But I realized that not only has that been done and I don’t really like it on other sites, but that I like the long blog-form of one column of chronological posts. I like seeing the last two plus weeks of posts all willy nilly next to each other, from my cameraphone photos, to text posts, to others. But the cameraphone posts had gotten out of control and very little text, and thus ideas, are seen.
I am the woman who loves Ab Ex and Color Field paintings ( esp. Sam Francis, Mark Rothko, & Helen Frankenthaler), as well as Minimalism.
After much thought, as well as discussing with others, I have decided to only post a photo or two a day from my cameraphone here and the rest of the output will go to my flickr account. I also promised myself that I would write more often, as I am interested in the intersection of text and image, not just image all the time. Rather than a redesign, less cluttered content, and more integration of image and text.
My next step is to de-clutter the right hand links sidebar. I have been trying to find a standards compliant DOM script link toggle so that the site visitor would see the headlines and when you rollover the headline, the links would come down.