Vodafone the Patchy

Vodafone Ireland offers patchy 3G/GPRS service at best. At worst, I will send up a photo to my blog via MMS or LifeBlog or email, the phone will state the image is sent and it never shows up. At all. Not even as a ping to my server log.
Why pay for the monthly plan and the 3G data service if it only works a couple of days a week? Or when you stand in the right direction holding the phone at a different angle.
Last time this happened, I called Vodafone and the call center employee told me that the network in Dublin was down, the engineers were working on it, and he wasn’t sure when it would be back.
They need a new branding slogan:
Vodafone Ireland: Two tins and a string.
Connection you can sort of sometimes on occasion probably trust. Maybe. For the highest prices in all the Vodafone markets…

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