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Applying to Graduate School at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland?

Tues 01.10.06 – See this bubbling pot of jam? Yes? That was my response to my lovely apricots getting a bit moldy and my utter frustration with the lack of organization and administration at Trinity College, Dublin. Chop. Chop. Boil. Boil.
Ireland is laid back. While Dublin is bustling, and the Irish Times complains of the go go stressful lifestyle in the new Dublin, it is still laid back. A couple of bong hits south of San Diego.
If you, the future post-grad/graduate student, seeking a nice, prestigious university to attend in a lovely country, such as Ireland, with a bustling, European metroplitian capital, let’s say Dublin, decide to apply to Trinity College, let me warn you…. your average community college or little podunk bible college is better organized and administrated than one of the great, old universities of Europe.
But it might be the four hundred years of tradition weighing on the place. Or it might be that they are woefully understaffed in the administration employees and have grad students and professors performing jobs that secretaries and admins do at your local community college or podunk bible college. Or it might be that the EU students don’t pay fees (tuition) or it is REALLY cheap, thus the university is funded inadequately by the Irish government and European Union. Hello, alumni and alumnae, where are you? Stop giving to the chuggers on Grafton Street and give to the Ole’ TCD…
After months of staying quiet here on this blog, the dam burst today, after a month of trying to get my course co-ordinater and director to tell me the dates & which classes are being offered for the second semester, starting Jan. 30, 2006, as well as our Master’s Exam dates, I called the Exams Office at Trinity and they did not know the dates of the exams.
Yes, today is Tues. Jan. 10, 2006. The exams will take place sometime between May 22, 2006 and June 16, 2006, but the University has not decided when.
The podunk bible college I used to teach at had exam and graduation dates set YEARS in advance. Not with five months to go…
If you are the type of person to carry a Covey Daytimer, Trinity may not be the school for you. If you love living a few bong hits south of San Diego, Trinity is definitely the school for you.
I live somewhere between Franklin Covey and San Deigo, I do want to nail down a few dates so that I know when my vacation days are so that I don’t have to cancel flights and ask family and friends to spend extra to cancel and rearrange their flights.
Graduation? Each department and course chooses if they will even have one, months after the classes end. Maybe. Not sure, yet.
But I won’t be here, as the Irish gov’t and the Garda have limited my visa to Sept. 30, 2006.

Bank of Ireland at Night

Sat 01.07.06 – Fionnuala and I were walking to the bus stop to go out to classmate Amy’s birthday party when I saw that the Bank of Ireland still had its Christmas Tree up, even if unadorned.


or in German : Überschallgeschwindigkeit
Last night at Angie’s Kimbop party, Luisa (from upstairs and from Hamburg) dropped in and Angie had her say Supersonic in German for us. This was about 20 minutes of entertainment for us, as the word sounds fabulous and difficult to pronouce. I never got it right, but Sarah from Co. Clare did.
Here is a mocast of Luisa saying it properly.
((p.s. Erika or Thomas : How do I get the two cute little dots over the big U on an american laptop keyboard? Help.))