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Huguenot Cemetery

Wed 01.25.06 – Shilly shally-ing on the way to school and taking the long way via St. Stephen’s Green and Merrion Square.

A Big Milestone, as opposed to Kilometerstone, The One Thousandth Post

Welcome to Black Phoebe’s 2 year and 9 month anniversary which also conincides with her 1,000th post to this blog. Celebrate!
Nothing like a good bit of Taurus bloody mindedness to stick to a project… Or the love of creativity, photos, and writing… Or….
Various pundits state that the Internet is mainly a source of Information and Communication. I would like to add Creativity to that duo to make it an intertwined trio. Since 1994, when I jumped on the web on a daily basis, my creative output has increased incrementaly, with the start of this blog, expotentially, and then add on mo-blogging and BOOM!!!
Photos and text everywhere. All the time. Wonderful.
Madeleine L’Engle, in “Walking on Water“, encourages artists of every stripe to practice their craft 30 minutes a day. How right she is.
I am thankful for this blog, for, for my Nokia 7610 & 6680, my sketchbook, and my writing notebook, all of which have increased my creative output and greatly increased my happiness.
Make art. Create. Blog. Photograph. Paint. Tinker. Write. Be more of you.

Photo Friday : Pink

Dan Callis

Photo Friday : Pink
Sept. 2005 – I went to visit painter and dear friend Dan Callis at his studio in the Brewery, just north of downtown Los Angeles, a week before I moved to Dublin for grad school. Dan had a wall sized painting in progess, that he was working on for the Fall 2005 Art Walk, that contrasted “real” landscape of the native hillsides with the “fake” landscape of the contempory Los Angeles. Here is a small section of it as taken by my Nokia 7610.
On a side note: This is the 999th post to Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen. Sometime tomorrow will be the one thousandth.

Spotlit Local Pines on a Crispy Cold Night

Fri 01.20.05 – I took a walk down to the local shops around 8pm to get water, diet coke, and a bottle of wine to take to an loempia/spring roll making party, when I looked up at my favorite stand of scots pine trees all lit up and could see the stars behind them.
Update: To answer El’s question in the comments, the trees are lit by spotlights, which seems to be popular in this neighborhood of Dublin to light up one’s big trees at night. My flash would not have gotten such great detail at such a distance as the tree canopy. I did have to switch the camera into night mode and leaned against a fence to stay as still as possible.