Grandma Grace

On New Year’s Eve 2005, I had the opportunity to go and hang out with my Grandma Grace after lunch. I love my Grandma Grace, she is one of the strongest women I know and a great inspiration to me as an artist.
My Grandma Grace is just a few weeks shy of 86 years old and she is working hard on putting together new collage work for her solo art show in March 2006. She has been painting and making collages diligently for over 30 some odd years and is one of the best watercolorists in my acquaintance. All through my colorful teen years and college art years, she was my biggest supporter, in all ways, but mostly by example.
Grandma Grace started to paint right after her divorce from my grandpa to make sense of the chaos. She has tamed the chaos and made some wonderful paintings of the east Oregon mountain-scape as well as many other subjects, as well as making collages from her own watercolors and printed materials. Grandma Grace is an accomplished cook, naturalist, friend, storyteller, hostess, and reader. All the things I love and aspire to be.
Besides the love of art and making art, as well as cooking, my grandma instilled in me the love of education. She is the 5th straight woman in her family line with a college education, starting with her great-great grandmother Grace Dana Ewart. Next October, I will be the 2nd generation of women with a masters degree after my mother. And my sister, Allison, is the 2nd woman in the family who has a J.D. and passed the Bar, after Grace Dana Ewart.
When we hung out on her couch in Grandma Grace’s apartment in Laguna Hills a couple of weeks ago while I was home in SoCal for the holidays, we talked about her upcoming show and her copyright issues with the gallery, it was raining outside and the diffused light on her face was lovely. I asked permission to take photos. The cameraphone did not take kindly to the lighting, but my Casio digital camera did. We continued to talk and Grandma Grace was gracious enough to let me keep taking photos.
If I am ever so blessed to have a daughter, I shall name her Grace.