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Your Man

A favorite bit of Dublin colloquial speech is to say “your man”.
My roommate several days ago, “I was at a conference and I decided to go up to the speaker and introduce myself and my research… So, your man now wants me to be a consultant.”
My brain thought, “Damn, I am married to a Health Management conference speaker?” Why didn’t someone tell me?
Today, Emmanuel from my video group says, “I met with your man at the Library and got permission for us to shoot there.”
My brain, “Dang, I am also married to the head Librarian?”
Right after college, I lived in Amsterdam for about four months all total, and in Dutch the word for husband is “man”. To this day, whenever I hear a 1960s Motown or R&B song about “my man”, I think the woman is singing about her husband or true love.
Now, here in Dulbin, I have a new husband or true love every day or several times a day…

5 Responses to “Your Man”

  1. Elemmaciltur

    So, what does ‘your man’ supposed to mean in Dublin-ish?
    ‘Mann’ also means ‘Husband’ in German.
    Heet dat nou, dat je ook nederlands kan spreken?

  2. hadashi

    well, yes, Mann does indeed mean “husband” in German. which is why saying “mein Mann” would get me in trouble in German class. in my head, “my man” would be, well, my man, whether he be boyfriend, fiance, or husband. so Thomas was mein Mann. no, he wasn’t yet, the teacher would explain, he would be “mein Freunde.” this would make me feel all sneaky, like i was back in the first years of our relationship, where i pretended he was, indeed, just my friend.
    in any case, my assertion then that it’s easier to hide a dating relationship in German (it’s all “friend”) than in English was heartily agreed with.

  3. Elemmaciltur

    Hadashi…just to correct you a bit (I’m feeling daunting, don’t take offense), but “mein Freunde” makes no sense. It’s either “mein Freund” or “meine Freunde” the first being in singular the latter in plural.
    There is a fine line in German to tell a person that that you’re referring to your boyfriend or just a friend. With a boyfriend, you’d say ‘mein Freund’ while just a friend, you’d say ‘ein Freund’ 😉 So, it’s not “all ‘friend'”.
    I’ll visit your blog again to read a bit more thoroughly.

  4. Ms. Jen

    Hi El,
    I had a small 4 month stint in Amsterdam back when I was a wee just fresh out of universtiy chicken. I was mostly surrounded by English speakers and every time I tried to use my 4 or 5 Dutch phrases the Amsterdam-mers would always speak back to me in English.
    In Dublin-ese to say “your man” is colloquial speech to say “that guy” or “the guy I was speaking to”. Mostly I have heard it used about speaking to someone in authority who one does not know well. I would guess that during the pre-Republic times this was done as a cheeky, insult to the power elite.