Monthly Archives: December 2005

Your Man

A favorite bit of Dublin colloquial speech is to say “your man”.
My roommate several days ago, “I was at a conference and I decided to go up to the speaker and introduce myself and my research… So, your man now wants me to be a consultant.”
My brain thought, “Damn, I am married to a Health Management conference speaker?” Why didn’t someone tell me?
Today, Emmanuel from my video group says, “I met with your man at the Library and got permission for us to shoot there.”
My brain, “Dang, I am also married to the head Librarian?”
Right after college, I lived in Amsterdam for about four months all total, and in Dutch the word for husband is “man”. To this day, whenever I hear a 1960s Motown or R&B song about “my man”, I think the woman is singing about her husband or true love.
Now, here in Dulbin, I have a new husband or true love every day or several times a day…


Thurs. 12.01.05 – Our video team – Emmanuel, John, and Amy – hard at work. We will be shooting a music video for the Dublin band, Skylight, next week.