Monthly Archives: November 2005


Fri. 11.18.05 – Miranda P., aka Mimi Le Meaux, was in Dublin for the Damned show. It was very good to see so many SoCal folk (5 in total) who were in Dublin. Yeah!

Catherine and Arthur

Fri. 11.18.05 – Catherine and Arthur, part of the Dublin / Trinity College set, at the Damned show.

Going Out on a Friday Night

Fri. 11.18.05 – Ms. Jen’s “I am going to out to a gig” hairdo and coat. Yes, I brought the famed circle coat with me, but the lining is fragile, so I am only wearing it out to speacial occasions.

A Few Too Many

Thurs 11.17.05 – Ever tried to tell someone in Ireland, “No, really, I don’t want another drink.”? It does not work. Really it doesn’t. Dave next seat neighbor at the pub kept wanting to buy drinks for Kat & I. I kept saying no. He kept buying more, by the time we got up to leave and find some dinner, I had 2 and a half drinks lined up in front of me and Kat had 2. As we left, Dave and the bartender were astounded that we weren’t going to drink it all before leaving. Sorry folks, when I mean no, I mean no.