Monthly Archives: November 2005

My Two Favorite Cranes in Bright Noon Sun

Mon 11.21.05 – We are now in our sixth full day of all day sun and starry nights here in Dublin, Ireland. I am not counting last Wed, as it was cloudy in the morning and did not get sunny until noon or so. The Irish Times’ weatherman is forecasting a return to partly cloudy tomorrow, but maybe the sun will beat those clouds down…

Fall Frost

Mon 11.21.05 – Walking to the Luas this morning, one of the last trees to put on it’s fall colors is enshrouded in misty sunlight and frosty grass.

Blue Sky with Crane

Sun 11.20.05 – Miracle upon Miracle. We are now on our fourth day, possibly fifth, straight of sunshine during the day and stars at night. Crisp, verging on downright chilly (see frost photo), but sunny. Will the wonders of Ireland not cease?
Also, last night I got a meet a delightful little rescued puppy named Keno. I miss the Scruff.


Sat 11.19.05 – At lunch with roommates Angie & Vanessa, plus Vanessa’s brother Simon.