Monthly Archives: November 2005

Cold Dead Poultry

I just got off an amusing Skype phone call with Erika, where Thomas in the background inquired, “Where is the cold dead poultry?”
This became very amusing. Was he speaking of the turkey in the ziplock bag or of the frittata in the frig?

Occupy and Resist – Irish Friends of Ungdomshuset

Fri 11.25.05 – I have been wondering for seven weeks now where the local Dublin punks, crusties and activists are. I have seen one or two here or there, but not to the level that you see out and about in other major cities, esp. in a city with as many college kids as Dublin has.
Today after class, Jasper, a classmate, and I got into a discussion about why the average Dubliner is a litterbug and not active in local politics. Jasper, a native Dubliner, theorized that due to the structure of the Irish Republic’s government – almost all government is at the federal level and not at the county or local level – and due to the corruption of the government, that the average Irish citizen does not see anyway to plug in and make a difference. So they don’t, at all.
As I was walking to the Luas, I saw a bunch of crusties / activitists outside a government building with large banners. I walked up to check it out, mostly happy to see more than 10 punks congregating in one place at one time and to see what they were activating for.
I had a nice chat with one of the young ladies who gave me a flyer for the “Irish Friends of Ungdomshuset“. They are activating for the right to have public spaces for all, like the Seomra Spraoi autonomous social space in Dublin 1 and the Dolphin Barn and Philosboro community gardens. Good for them.
I told her about Jasper and I’s conversation a mere hour before and she told me that she and her friends were out to break the silence and they did believe that one Irish young person could make a difference.
Thank God for the young and the angry.