Monthly Archives: November 2005

Day One of Linux Fun

When I woke up less than an hour ago, I decided to see if I could set up my Linux network connection to the school’s network point in my room all by myself. Here I am online. It took less than a minute. A stark contrast to the 2 hours plus that it took to network Windows XP plus all of the draconian stinger/logging/follow me crap that we had to install on our machines to get access to the ethernet point in housing.
Now I am free! Free with Linux. Tonight I shall reinstall the Windows side of the dual boot so that I may have a clean install and sweep out nearly 3 years of built up gunk. Think of it as Fall Computer Cleaning.
I also installed Sage this morning and all my blog feeds are working. Best yet, I just discovered that my fave cartoon has an XML feed.

Whole New Worlds to Discover!

Today I did something, with help, that I have been meaning to do since March 2003 when I partitioned the hard drive of my brand new Dell Inspiron 8200. My laptop is now a dual boot Linux / Windows machine. Yeah!
I have been wanting to explore Linux and the possibilities of Open Source Software as a complete alternative to MicroSquash for sometime now. Now I am at the mid-point with a foot in both camps.
A big giant thanks to our Intro to Programming Prof/Lecturer Glenn Strong for taking two hours out of his time this evening to help me with the install of Ubuntu Linux to my laptop. Thanks, Glenn.
Now to explore…

Things I miss…

Oct. 2005 – Scruffy (on the right) and his new hot girlfriend, Belle, on the left. Photo by Joe or Christine.

I have now been in Dublin for over five weeks and there are some things back home in Southern California (aka SoCal), that I am starting to miss:
1) Scruffy.
2) The Orange Circle.
3) My weird rock’n’roll friends, like Sean. Need I say more?
4) Renu Nakorn. There is no such thing as Thai food under $15 a plate here in Dublin-town. And there is certainly no such thing as Northern (Issan) Thai with sticky rice, papaya salad and beef larb. I know the first place I am going to after the plane touches down when I come home for Xmas.
(Whilst searching for Thai links, I found this recipe for Kangaroo Larb!)
Future Missing:
6) Looks like I will be missing Punk Rock Bowling 2006. Unfortunately, it falls on at the end of the semester and the start of serious writing of my thesis, which is due at the end of March, so I won’t be able to take the 5 or 6 days off to fly to Lost Wages. What happened to middle of February, it would have been much easier to leave at the beginning of the 2nd semester…