Monthly Archives: November 2005

View through the Window Blind on a Sunny Day

Wed 11.09.05 – I have the day off today, as we are split up into groups for Video Week and my group does not have any classes today. Wahoo!
Here are the things I have discovered on my day off. Sleep is good. Reading is even better. The blind in my window is not fully opaque buy when the sunshines through it you can see things that are4 taller than the window up through the fabric of the blind. The ethernet connection is slow slow slow slow today, about 519 kbs. I guess I should get out and take a walk in the sun, or something…
Day 2 with Linux is only going ok. I tried to install Skype, but my Ubuntu package updater is not updating anything. At all. It keeps giving me errors. I need to google the errors to figure out what is up, but the internet is driving me mad.
Good thing my cameraphone is moblogging happily today.