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My First MoCast

For those of you with iPods, you may create a Podcast. Those of us without an iPod in our life who do have a Nokia 7610 with good recording capacity, have just turned in our first MoCast to the CultureSluts.
On Fri. Oct. 28, 2005, I went to the Darklight Symposium at Digital Hub Dublin. I met Steve of the CultureSluts that day and Jessie that evening. They recruited me to a do a guest MoCast for them as Ms. Jen the Unordinary American.
I recorded small interviews with Kaptain Trouble and Stu, the bassist for the Damned, at the Damned’s recent Dublin show. It was good fun. I also meant to record Jason Thompson and Tony Nealon who were both out from SoCal (specifically Huntington Beach) for the Damned show, but did not get around to it.
I will post the link to my first MoCast when Steve and Jessie put up their next Podcast.