Alex at the Grafton Street Vodafone Store

Tues. 11.01.05 – Nice Alex from South Africa wins for Vodafone employee of the month. And the only one in the last 35 days of my trying to get my moblogging from my phone working that has actually been helpful. If this MMS goes through to Flickr then… I am back!

2 thoughts on “Alex at the Grafton Street Vodafone Store

  1. I post from LifeBlog in the States, but do to the way the LifeBlog is with the 7610 and, I am unable to. So, as a result for the next week or so, until a new phone comes, I will be using MMS just to moblog at all.
    I will post more about this once I have done some additional research. Basically, mobile carriers in Ireland SUCK.

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