7 thoughts on “Bangers and Mash

  1. DJWanda, no, I wasn’t being sarcastic. It was honest of me…having lived in NZ with a family of Irish heritage and neighbours who are Scottish and British, those mash-taters and fried sausages with the gravy are just plainly yummy to me. 🙂

  2. I will say this: My Nokia 7610 camera phone skews towards the blue spectrum.
    In the original light at lunch, it was very warm and happy looking. When I got home and saw how the camera viewed it, the gravy looked frightening to me.

  3. Thanks for validating me Jen; I was feeling like the odd one out. I agree, the gravy does look a little, well, congealed. And what is that lumpy matter on the left? It might be … parts. And vegetarians are afraid of parts. But the mashed potatoes and lovely garnish looks delightful. Can you order Bangers and Mash hold the Bangers? Can you order Shepherd’s Pie hold the Shep? Can you order just Mushy Peas? I really do like mushy peas!

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