Monthly Archives: November 2005

My First MoCast

For those of you with iPods, you may create a Podcast. Those of us without an iPod in our life who do have a Nokia 7610 with good recording capacity, have just turned in our first MoCast to the CultureSluts.
On Fri. Oct. 28, 2005, I went to the Darklight Symposium at Digital Hub Dublin. I met Steve of the CultureSluts that day and Jessie that evening. They recruited me to a do a guest MoCast for them as Ms. Jen the Unordinary American.
I recorded small interviews with Kaptain Trouble and Stu, the bassist for the Damned, at the Damned’s recent Dublin show. It was good fun. I also meant to record Jason Thompson and Tony Nealon who were both out from SoCal (specifically Huntington Beach) for the Damned show, but did not get around to it.
I will post the link to my first MoCast when Steve and Jessie put up their next Podcast.

Moleskine to Mobile

I am now living in Dublin, Ireland, and am attending Trinity College for a one year Masters in Computer Science in Multimedia Systems. The program is an combination of multimedia, web design, programming and art practice.
I am writing to you because I have decided to do my thesis on artists and mobility (“Moleskine to Mobile”). More specifically, how has smartphones/ high end mobile devices increased the creative / artistic productivity of professional artists / musicians / designers / etc? For my research portion, I would like to do email interviews and am asking around to see if people in the field could recommend artists/designers that they may know who are pushing the envelope with their mobile devices and would be willing to be interviewed.
Any recommendations or pointers in the right direction would be highly appreciated. I hope to conduct the interviews in Dec. & Jan., as the thesis is due in March (due to the 12 month course, everything is very compacted in time).
Thank you in advance for any recommendations or pointers.


Sun. 11.27.05 – The chandelier and ceiling of the Powerscourt center courtyard.