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On A Better Note… Some Photos…

Photos taken with Ms. Jen’s Casion Exlim Z-40

Wed. 09.28.05 – Sunrise dawning while flying over the north Atlantic to Ireland and then view of Ireland from 30,000 feet.
Tues. 10.18.05 – Previous to BlackPhoebe the laptop’s electrical issues last Wed., I saved some photos to my thumb drive that I am now posting. I have more that I will post later. Also, last night, I was able to back up my photos from Sept & Oct, Thank God, and BP goes off to Dell Computer Spa (repair) tomorrow or Thursday, depending on DHL’s arrival.

More on Vodafone

Apparently one can’t use one’s email client on one’s cell phone as a Vodafone Ready to Go customer. Apparently one must have the monthly contract to be able to send and receive email from the phone. Although one can have GPRS web browsing on the pay as you go plan. So, I have no email, no moblogging, but I can read boingboing. Be frightened. I am.
Only hitch in this scenario, is that they won’t give me a contract without a utility bill or bank statement. I live in housing, so no utility bill and the bank is taking forever to send any official documentation that Vodafone would accept as proof of address.
I now have another letter from the Bank of Ireland with my address on it and will go to Vodafone this afternoon and see if I can convince them to sign me up. No computer and no moblogging has me more depressed than the weather.
Speaking of the weather, can I say how lovely it is? Cold and Cloudy. ;o)

Computer Spa

After an hour and a half phone call last night with Dell’s tech call center in India last night, Black Phoebe the laptop will be going off on Tuesday via DHL to Dell’s Irish Computer Spa for a week of treatments.
If it is a fried motherboard, Dell covers it. If it is from the fall my laptop took 5 weeks ago, I pay for it. Regardless, in about two weeks all will be well.
Now I am off to Vodafone to find out why after I have configured all the GPRS stuff correctly, why my phone will not send or receive any emails. Hopefully, within the hour or so, I will be able to moblog to this space. Cross your fingers… otherwise, I have a few photos on my Sixapart thumb drive that I can post here…

Black Phoebe in Full Cardiac Arrest

Not this website, but my laptop has gone into arrest. It will not start. Nope. No go. I tried everyway. Hopefully it is not dead, but only in a coma. I need help.
Ever since SXSW 2005, my laptop has had a new quirk that even when it is plugged into the wall electrical socket it will not start unless the battery is charged. I have two batteries and both are 2.5 years old with more recharges than their life expectancy. I ordered a new Dell battery, but it has not arrived yet. I *hope* that will solve the problem.
If not… then cry. After crying, I will need to find someone in Dublin who can help me backup the contents of my hard drive to my external hard drive before I send it off to Dell for repairs. I did my last full back up right before Erika’s wedding and what I want to really retrieve are the wedding photos, new client work, and a few emails. I brought all of my program cds with me in anticpation of needing them in the event of a crash but it is my photos and other files that I want most.
Any referrals would be lovely.

The Mental Junkyard

Erika calls dreams the “toxic dump” of the brain. Ever since I have arrived in Ireland, I have been having very vivid and odd dreams that when I wake up I think “Wow, the dump trucks really are hauling away the dross of the last few years…”
A few examples:
Two or three nights ago, Aaron (aka Boston Bucky) converted to Orthodox Christianity and Barbie wanted to stay Roman Catholic…
The next night I dreamed that someone gave me a bull and that I had to keep him here in Dublin. He was very large and he followed me everywhere.
etc etc etc.

Sphere within a Sphere

Photo of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s “Sphere with Sphere” taken on Sat. 10/1/05 by Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610.

I continue to apologize to all of the readers of this blog and the surfers who trot on as I still do not have internet connection in my housing nor have I been able to make my Vodafone Ready to be Really Lame SIM chip work with Data on my Nokia 7610. Thus, I have TONS of photos to blog here and they are all stopped up on my laptop or phone. Grrr.. grrr… grrr…
I will *supposedly* have a broadband connection in my room within the next week and hopefully I will have a 3G/GPRS unlimited data plan with some mobile carrier within the week as well. Due to Fun With Bureauracy™, I can’t get any type of cell / mobile contract without an Irish bank statement (all raise their eyebrows with me), and the bank statement is days late, even though Bank of Ireland promises it is in the mail.
My big accomplishment in Fun With Bureauracy™ is that at 5:57pm on Thursday, I walked out of the Immigration Garda station on Burgh Quay with my cute little one year “Certificate of Registration” card in my hand. I was 644 in the queue, it took 4.57 hours to get it, and the bathrooms were beyond disgusting…
When all is said and done, I am settling in, I love my little hermitage room with a view of trees. The birdsong in the suburb I am in is loud and lovely. I even saw my first tree squirrel today. Classes start on Monday and I am excited to get going.

And for Amusement… A Ticket for the Lord

Walking up to the St. Stephen’s Green Luas stop on Sunday afternoon:
A scruffy older gentlemen walked up to me and said, “A ticket for the Lord.”
Being Sunday, I thought he was an evangelist passing out tracks, so I looked at what he was offering and said, “Thank you, but I already have one.”
“No, Have it.”
“No, thank you, I have one.”
He walked off. The ticket was for the Luas and I really do already have one.
My hearing + Dublin accent = amusing interpretations!