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SXSWi 2006, Here I Come…


Web Standard gurus with hot thighs. Drunk Designers. And fellow documenters… Well, what more can one ask for in 5 days in Austin, Texas? Geek Kickball! Heartburn from too much BBQ!
Add one more year to my previous seven years of Music and four years of Interactive, except this upcoming SXSW season, I do believe I will just be attending 5th Interactive and not my eighth Music (JuWa isn’t going this year. Lucky? Heidi? Darlin? Alex? Convince me otherwise? Really, I just have a 40+ page Master’s thesis due the next week…). I registered for SXSW Interactive 2006 yesterday and registered for the Hampton Inn. Lauren will be joining me at SXSWi this upcoming year.

Look Who Is Back….


Tues. 10.25.05 – I came home on Tuesday night to find a lovely yellow and red DHL package containing the newly cleaned, exfoliated Black Phoebe the Laptop with her shiny, lovely new motherboard freshly returned from Dell’s Computer Spa in Shropshire. Wahoo!
Now all I need is a mobile phone contract with unlimited GPRS/3G. Ah… fantasy time….

Time to Buy Stock in Crane Manufacturers

Everywhere I turn around Dublin, I see a construction crane. Dublin’s biggest industry seems to be growing cranes.
Photos above, left to right: Sun. 10.23.05 Dublin Castle, Sun. 10.23.05 Stairs at St. Patrick’s Park, and Thurs. 10.20.05 looking west down Pearse St.



Sun. 10.16.05 – My new Pfefferhase, a fabulously silly bit of German product design, because everyone needs a pepper grinder in the shape of a rabbit.
Tomorrow, Fri. 10.21.05, I will fly to Germany for the weekend to attend Erika & Thomas’ German wedding reception.
UPDATE: Thurs. 10.20.05 at 8:44pm GMT.
I suck. I called Aer Lingus late this afternoon to get my itinerary and I got my plane reservation wrong and it was for last weekend. When it is very late at night, you are moving and you have given your printer to the Goodwill, don’t try and book a non-refundable, non-transferable plane ticket. And then when your computer goes into a coma with your reservations on it… well… I am not going to Germany, after all.

Hangers & Dublin Prices


Mon. 10.10.05 – Photo of my newly organized closet by Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610.
Sometimes is it the smallest things that make a big difference to make one at home in a new place, or on the contrary, the lack of the smallest things that make life difficult. And sometimes you make a judgement thinking, “Oh, I don’t need to bring these, I can buy more for cheap when I get there.”
It took me over a week and a half to find hangers for my closet clothes. I left a whole closet of good hangers back in Orange, as I didn’t want to try to stuff them into my overly stuffed, heavy bags.
When I arrived in Ireland, I found all kinds of things but it took me time to find where to buy hangers. And then it was 4 (about $5) euros for 5 cheap plastic hangers. 28 euros later, I had enough to hang my clothes and then fold others and stack them at the bottom of the closet. Yikes, $35 for 35 plastic hangers.
There are quite a few things where the prices are equal to what they would be in the States, mostly big ticket electronic goods and textbooks, but for the average product the prices here in Ireland are anywhere from 20% more all the way up to 2 to 3 times as expensive as the same product in California. I knew it would be expensive, but I am having sticker shock on a daily basis.
All my friends who bargain basement shop at Target and Walmart would DIE here. My Irish friends call it the Ripoff Republic.

Fall in Dublin

Photos taken with Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610.

Sun. 10.09.05 – Autumn leaves & trees as seen whilst dillydallying/shillyshallying/dinking/looking around on my way to church.