Monthly Archives: September 2005

Ms. Jen & Social Networking

After many years of bulletin boards and mailing list and a few years of organized social networking like Friendster and MySpace, I have come to the conclusion that I hate Friendster & MySpace but I love Flickr.
On the old school boards and lists, there was, by and large, an equality of posters. If you posted and were a part of the conversation, you were rewarded with a community that you may not have in meatspace or tormented by trolls depending on the circumstance. On most of the current popular social networking spaces, like MySpace, it is too closed in concept & action, and too much like a high school meat/meet market.
Flickr is refreshing in comparison. Everyone who participates is a creator, not a lurker, not a troll, but an active participant who adds to the pool of photos. If you wish to make friends, you add folks who you like their photos to your contact list. And then you comment on their photos and they can comment back.
Community develops from Creativity. Lovely.

Homeland Security – Where Did the Billions Go?

A little less than four years ago you were thought up, three years of billions of dollars of funding, all to prepare us for disaster. Yes, your mandate was man-made terrorism, but …
Homeland Security, where has all the dollars and preparation gone?
President Bush and Congress, where are the National Guard?
Oh, yeah… in Iraq.
Why have you chronically underfunded the Homeland Security mandates? Underfunded local police & fire & rescue units?
Oh, yeah… you had to fund the Bush dynasty’s war of personal vendetta and oil grab in Iraq.
America, Can we impeach these incompetents?