Monthly Archives: September 2005

Why Jen(n)ifers Rock…

From Mommy Needs CoffeeIce Cream, Wine, Midol, and Tampons all while educating the nice youth of America:

“Jerry, take a look in my basket. Go ahead. Look.”
He glances in the basket and then nervously back at me.
“Jerry, what do you see? Go on. This isn’t rhetorical. Tell me what you see.”
Jerry is looking a tad bit freaked out by me and is trying to nonchalantly glance around for a manager, but he answers me anyway.
“Uhhh…Midol, Ice Cream, tampons (serious blush for him), a magazine and a big bottle of wine.”
I look at him hard. “Very good, Jerry. Now tell me, does that look like the basket of a woman you should really be messing with right now.”
*blank stare*
“Tell me, Jerry, do you have a girlfriend?”

High Tech X-Rays

Tue 09.13.05 – I have loved going to the dentist. Weird, I know. Dr. Delaney’s office stays on the cutting edge. My check up x-rays this morning were taken with a wired sensor that immediately displayed my x-rays on the monitor. Very cool!

Bad JuJu or Bad Tempers or …???

What is up in the last week? Folks reacting to the Hurricane Katrina tradegy or the memories of 9/11? Or is it high gas and other prices with lackluster job market and no real raises? Or is it all of the above or Fearful Zeitgeist or is it bad juju running around?
Why do I ask? Folks at the Moving Sale seemed sparse and spooked. A good portion of the men walking through the door at Alex’s this last week plus have been very short tempered. A lot of anger.
If Lauren is “Dances With Mommy Bloggers“, then after Thursday night I am “Kicks Out and 86’s Ballistic Troublemakers with No Security Back Up.”
Dang, I am GLAD that my rock’n’roll career is almost over. I have met some fabulous and lovely people, but I have met more cretins and distrubed folk than I care to admit. I am deep down over it.