Monthly Archives: September 2005


Sun 09.18.05 – The new improved me at the door at Alex’s : 5′ 11″ and a brawler. Troublemakers, beware, my replacement can pick you up and then throw you out as your legs spin in the air. CJ rocks.

The Sky

Sun 09.18.05 – As viewed travelling back down Beach Blvd after we stuffed my storage space to its little metal gills.

Flickr is having a massage.

It drives me crazy that the times and nights that I want to photoblog, Flickr is always out at some damned spa.
Nice going Flickr… to be out for a massage on my last night of working the door at Alex’s and exactly when Captain Sensible walks in…
I suppose when one has been bought out by Yahoo! one can afford to get weekly massages. I think Y! needs to buy me out…

Fare Thee Well, Blue

Sat 09.03.05 – Exiting Blue’s going away party at the Doll Hut. My last shot of the Doll Hut sign at night. Bittersweet.
Fri. 09.16.05 – Blue came over this morning and we wrapped up that last our website business by transfering the domain into the name of the new owners. She flies out tomorrow morning to her new life. I fly out to mine in less than 11 days.
Since Thanksgiving 1997, the Doll Hut has been a significant part of my life as a great venue to see new and old bands in. The Hot Club of Cowtown in 1998 was hands down the best, as I sat on the floor in directly in front of the band and was transfixed by Elena and Billy Horton.
I started doing the website for Linda in 1999 and we became friends in the process of redesigning the site and keeping up on the content. When she chose to sell the Hut in the summer of 2001, I supported her.
Linda recommended me to Blue and Anthony when they bought the Doll Hut in August of 2001. Blue and I started a tentative friendship in Nov. when we redesigned the site to match her love of old movie pin up girls and deep, scarlet red. I stood behind her and the Hut when she and Anthony split.
I am now delighted to see my friend rise from the ashes a strong, vibrant woman who gained a great deal of confidence and chutzpah through the four years of owning her own business.
Blue, may the Lord bless thee and keep thee. I will be praying for Adam when he gets deployed to Iraq. More importantly, I pray we will be out of there before April. Peace, that would be a lovely gift for Easter.