Monthly Archives: September 2005

The Corner Cabinet, Part II

Wed 09.21.05 – After a long day of packing & moving boxes, of which Lauren, Dan, and my sister Allison were immense helping hands, my dad, Matt, and Dave Irish manuevered my corner cabinet out of the house and into the bed of Joe’s truck safely. Thankfully.

The worst and most worrisome part of moving is over.

No Pilot

Tue 09.20.05 – The SoCal Gas Co’s sticker is wrong. My O’Keefe & Merritt 1930s stove does have 3 pilot lights, 2 for the gas range and 1 for the oven, but they only light when they want to, which is most of the time. And when the don’t, I use the clickclick to light the range or oven. I am going to miss this enameled beast, as it beats out any fancy modern Viking or Wolf any day.

One Week

One week from this morning, I will be at LAX trundling off to Ireland. Most of my furniture is in storage and tomorrow Lauren & I will move my boxes to storage and to my brother’s.
Why oh why are we here in SoCal having a very early rain storm on the two days I need to be moving? I did not know it was going to rain last evening and while I was up at Biola, I had a bunch of boxes and other stuff in the driveway waiting for me to start packing when I got home. Now I have soggy boxes. Teaches me to get complacent with years and years and years of bone dry Septembers!