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Photo Friday : Darkness

Photo taken by Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610.

Photo Friday : Darkness
Wed. 09.28.05 – A large, lovely tree on the Hall grounds as seen on the walk back from the Luas to my apartment. I am very glad to be in the leafy birdsong ‘burbs rather than in the stone and diesel jungle downtown.
Dublin is lovely so far. I have yet to go grocery shopping and am subsidizing on my apples and power bars that I brought with me on the plane. ;o)
Thank God for the wi-fi and power outlet at the Central Cyberspace Cafe on Grafton Street, as I can use my own computer and programs to do email and blog. Now I just need to get my pay as I go Vodafone SIM card to work…

Here. Now.

Hello! I am now in Dublin, Ireland.
Sorry about the lack of posts, but I have been going around and around trying to get simple things set up. Unfortunately, it is imperative to have a confirmed Irish Address & bank account before anyone can set up anything for me. And I am supposed to pick up my confirmation letter from the Graduate Admissions Office in about 15 mins. Bank account and cell/mobile carrier here I come!
I have been here two days now and so much has happened with no mobile data plan (Oh MoBlogging, how do I miss Thee!) and very spotty access to the computer labs on campus.
The first day (Wed) was arrival, try to get a good cell phone plan, no go due to lack of 3 months of residency in Ireland, shower, nap, agh, go to campus for the opening of the current year Multimedia exhibition, try to talk to another mobile carrier, lose umbrella, meet nice Scottish people at dinner chat for hours, etc.
Yesterday (Thurs) was sleep, go to registration, feel jet lagged, try to sign up for a bank account, no go as I didn’t have the right documentation of my address, more jet lag, attempt to set my laptop up for connection at my housing, no go might take 2 weeks and I have to buy a new wi-fi card that meets specifications, verge on comatose from jet lag, try to email family and friends that I am safe, but too comatose to think, etc etc etc. Forget to buy toilet paper, too jet lagged to remember to buy it before heading home.
If you are a friend, family member or client looking for me, please be patient as setting up one’s life, esp. connected life, has been more trouble than I expected. I plan on finding a wifi spot to update sites over the weekend. Now I need to remember to buy tp and a new umbrella…


Tue 09.27.05 – My flight from LA is now taxying to its gate at Chicago O’Hare. I have a 2 hr layover before departing for Dublin.