TidBits : MT 3.2 beta, Amazon, Gratitude & Trinity

TidBits from a VERY hot Friday whilst sitting at the door at Alex’s…
It is a good thing that my brother told me to keep the Silver Pony until I depart as 5pm found the temperature at 96 F and found me driving around Orange, Santa Ana, and Tustin enjoying the air conditioning. Ok, I am a Super-Urban Wimp! I admit it.
1) I like Movable Type 3.2 beta. I do. My only problem / disappointment so far is the fact that I am unable to post my photos from my Nokia 7610 here via Flickr. Due to the fact that my phone’s version of LifeBlog does not play well with MT (only TypePad), I have to email my photos and text to Flickr and then Flickr posts the photos to my MT install. Since 3.2, no go. Sad. This blog is now text heavy.
2) I wish Amazon would set up their site’s user interface in a way that the login for regular customers was easy to find! It is so frustrating to hunt and peck for the small type on sub-pages. Hello! Hello, Amazon, wake up, let me login with a nice text box up in the nav bar on EVERY page. Hello, wake up!
3) I have been thinking about Gratitude. PTL and pass the…
As people have found about my getting into Trinity College Dublin for grad school, they have been very excited. I have moved past excited and into “Advanced Planning” mode. My head is : Where am I going to live? How much is it all going to cost? If I live on campus, what should I bring? If I live in an apartment, UGH, how will I get important stuff over to Ireland or how to afford new stuff? etc. etc. etc. etc.
How do I live in thankfulness as I move into practical / pragmatic mode? I have struggled for many years trying to realize my dreams and the practical mode is my way of keeping my dreams and hopes from being severely trampled on or thrown out altogether. I am trying to live in gratitude while trying to figure out my plane flights, money, and living situation.
In 1994, my friend Judy Dodgen gave me a weekly prayer workshop book and the first few weeks addressed how to be grateful amongst bad times. Now my question is how to have internal (& external) heart felt thankfulness in a time of plenty. Harder than I imagined after living in emotional survival mode for the last few years.
4) Ok, blogosphere, anyone out there attended Trinity College Dublin or the like in Ireland and can explain the academic system, esp. the examinations? I really want to go to SXSW 2006i, but it appears to fall on the weekend and start of the week of examinations. Please do tell…