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Pea-a-palooza, Mobile headsets, and other bits from a Friday Afternoon

Happy Friday! Tonight is Rapid Fire (FiiiiiiRE!) at Alex’s and Mikey’s birthday celebration. Come on down and celebrate with us.
The Tid Bits:
1) Some folks do binge drinking or scarf down quarts of Tom & Jerry’s ice cream, not me. Me, I have pea binges and want to run around singing “Pease porridge…”. Every so often I have a day of Pea-a-palooza. I eat peas at every meal. Today is one of those days. I had leftover pea and pancetta risotto for breakfast (heavy on the peas), I had Peas & Potatoes (aloo muttar?) from India Sweet & Spices for lunch, and I have a bag of Trader Joe’s Petite Peas in the freezer, so what should I make pea-ful for dinner?
2) Cell / mobile phones have been in the news this last week after a study conducted by insurance companies concluded that hands free cell phone talking is just as distracting and dangerous to driving as holding the cell up to your ear.
From the LA Times article:

A study of cellphone use by motorists suggests that they aren’t any better off using a headset in the car than holding the phone to their ear: They’re still four times more likely to end up in a crash and injured than if they weren’t using the phone.
The survey, released Monday by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, said that using mobile phones while driving was just as dangerous whether they’re chatting through a headset or holding on to the handset.
The statistical analysis, which compared phone records with the times of accidents, indicated that the risk was just as great across all age groups and in both sexes.
It’s not just keying in phone numbers or calling up messages but the conversation itself that can be the most distracting, said Anne T. McCartt, the insurance institute’s research executive overseeing the study.

Now what I would like to see a study on is: How does talking on one’s cell with an ear bud or bluetooth wireless ear bud or a hands free set differ from talking to a passenger in the car? Does the brain differentiate tasks with a person present as opposed to a person on the other end of the phone call? Or is it just as distracting and dangerous to talk to a passenger as to have a cell conversation with a headset?
What do you think? When I drive I find that I can talk to a passenger and look forward to the road just fine and I can use my ear bud and look forward just fine, but if I have my cell to my ear then I can’t see out of the side that the phone is on and I am distracted. And if Scruffy is in the car, all beats are off.
3) My roommate has been gone for a week and the house has gone to the birds. It is dangerous to live alone and requires discipline. I took out the vacuum on Monday to clean the carpets, have not done so, and the vaccuum is plugged in and in the middle of the living room walkway. I keep telling myself I will vacuum when it cools down. ;o)

Movable Type 3.2 Beta

Movable Type is conducting a public beta testing of MT 3.2 and me being me I downloaded MT-3.2 Beta 1 and didn’t start a new installation as suggested when beta testing but upgraded BlackPhoebe :: Ms. Jen and HadashiWorld straight to 3.2b. ;oD
All went well until I published my “Not so Itsy Bitsy” entry today. The blog entry posted just fine as an individual archive but it would not publish to the main index. When I tried my favorite “This Will Fix Everything” approach to MT, e.g. Rebuilding, I got an error that my one of my tags within was conflicting with my archives. Rats!
I created a new weblog in 3.2b and then compared my minorly customized tag set up with the default in the test blog and discovered that when I pulled out this line from my “Main Index” template:

<a href="<MTEntryLink archive_type="Category">"><MTEntryCategory></a>

..then Save, Rebuild, and all is well. The Not so Itsy Bitsy Spider is now on the main index page, but the listed category next to “Posted by” is no longer there.
Then I read the Known Issues… and there it is:

Entries tag doesn’t support new category path selection syntax (e.g. <MTEntries category=”Parent Category/Child Category”>)

Well, to quote Bill the Cat, “Pppphhhhbbbttt…”. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed by the time that 3.2 is released.
Other than that, MT 3.2b is very Sexy.
Yes, Sexy. Sleek, more features, runs fast, new tabs, fancy graphics, even a whirling round arrow when rebuilding, and lots of admin shortcuts and new sections.
Hmmm… speaking of features… when can I moblog straight from my cameraphone to MT?

Not So Itsy Bitsy


This Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider*, who is hiding above the waterspout, scared the bejezus out of me the other evening when I was watering the yard. He played shy when I tried to snap his photo this afternoon.
*a.k.a Big Ass Black Spider with eerie green eyes, he/she is at least 1/2 inch wide and looks like a hermit crab who is using the garage as a shell.

Happy Day! Need to find a good data plan in…

Photo of Erika at Trinity Collge on 11/27/04 by Ms. Jen

Yes, ladies and gents, Ms. Jen, the lady who uses few cell minutes but 25 to 40 MBs a month of internet/data on her cell phone needs to find a good unlimited data plan in Ireland… Taking recommendations from Irish mo-bloggers…Vodafone? O2? ;o)
After months of waiting on pins, needles, and at times what seemed like hot coals… I have been accepted to M.Sc. in Multimedia Systems at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland for the academic year 2005-2006!!!!
Hopping around with extreme happiness!!!!

Gorgeous Gorillaz

You, my lovely reader, have mostly likely already seen the “Feel Good Inc.” video, but given that I am choicefully without TV, I google searched it this evening and it is Gorgeous.
I love the juxtaposition of the windmill flying through the clouds with the gritty music video / anime ghetto world is wonderful. Thank you, Gorillaz.