Oh… The Birds I Will Draw…


For some time now, I have been drawing birds in my sketchbook and when I go to scan them the result is very unsatisfactory. Today, I solved my problems by purchasing a Wacom Graphire3 tablet & pen set. It is fun! I am excited to draw directly into Photoshop and cut out the intermediary steps, esp. evil scanning.
The above rough draft drawing of a horned lark took less than 20 mins., including figuring out the pen and eraser. More drawings, here I come.
Thanks to Thomas for recommending the Wacom product line.

2 thoughts on “Oh… The Birds I Will Draw…

  1. It is so funny that you just got a Wacom tablet. I was just talking to my sister-in-law tonight about her newest toy…a Wacom tablet. She couldn’t stop raving about it. She just loves it.

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