Movable Type 3.2 Beta

Movable Type is conducting a public beta testing of MT 3.2 and me being me I downloaded MT-3.2 Beta 1 and didn’t start a new installation as suggested when beta testing but upgraded BlackPhoebe :: Ms. Jen and HadashiWorld straight to 3.2b. ;oD
All went well until I published my “Not so Itsy Bitsy” entry today. The blog entry posted just fine as an individual archive but it would not publish to the main index. When I tried my favorite “This Will Fix Everything” approach to MT, e.g. Rebuilding, I got an error that my one of my tags within was conflicting with my archives. Rats!
I created a new weblog in 3.2b and then compared my minorly customized tag set up with the default in the test blog and discovered that when I pulled out this line from my “Main Index” template:

<a href="<MTEntryLink archive_type="Category">"><MTEntryCategory></a>

..then Save, Rebuild, and all is well. The Not so Itsy Bitsy Spider is now on the main index page, but the listed category next to “Posted by” is no longer there.
Then I read the Known Issues… and there it is:

Entries tag doesn’t support new category path selection syntax (e.g. <MTEntries category=”Parent Category/Child Category”>)

Well, to quote Bill the Cat, “Pppphhhhbbbttt…”. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed by the time that 3.2 is released.
Other than that, MT 3.2b is very Sexy.
Yes, Sexy. Sleek, more features, runs fast, new tabs, fancy graphics, even a whirling round arrow when rebuilding, and lots of admin shortcuts and new sections.
Hmmm… speaking of features… when can I moblog straight from my cameraphone to MT?

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