BlogHer : Words / Phrases of the Weekend

First off the Road Trip with Erika & Lauren to BlogHer 2005 rocked. So did the conference.
Next off, words or phrases from the weekend:
1) Mommy Bloggers : Somewhat maligned in some circles, but in Ms. Jen’s world the Mommy Bloggers were AMAZING! Fun, enthusiastic, intelligent and they all partied like rock stars.
In the 1950s, Madeline L’Engle was a Mommy Writer in a small Connecticut town, she wrote for at least 30 minutes a night after her kids went to bed and was rejected by publishers for years until FS&G showed some love to “The Wrinkle in Time“, and then the book won the Newbury Award in 1963.
Mommy Bloggers – be encouraged, write, love your fellows and your kidlets, continue to write, and you will be a blessing.
2) Technorati 100 : Really, folks, does it matter? There are millions of bloggers and we can’t all be in the top 100. Who cares if they are all men, except Dooce and Xeni of Boing Boing?
As of 7/31/05, my Technorati rank is: 81,765 (29 links from 24 sites)… aka… I suck. Really, who cares? The best part about Technorati is not their Top 100 Bloggers List, but they employ hot men (TC… NK… DP…). ;o)
And last but not least…
3) Tastefully Tye Dyed Polyamorous Elves…. (this phrase is brought to you by a very long drive south down the 5).
Need I say More?
Ok, I will a bit… since Contentious came out as Polyamorous in the Naked Panel, and Dooce came out as Monogamous, I will officially come out right here on this blog as … Celibate-until-the-right-lovely-intelligent-strong-backboned-man-is-located-then-I-will-be-monogamous-with-him… or I-am-a-bore… or I-am-a-liberal-libertarian-who-loves-Jesus… or…
That’s All Folks…
p.s. A big hello to / glad to meet you /chat with you this weekend to: Anina, Jelly, Ginevra, Debi, Jenn, Jenny, Meghan, Matt, Mena, Nichelle, Liza, Whitney, Barb, Niall, Danah, and all the other BlogHer attendees & organizers rock hard!
p.p.s. A certain Mr. George Kelly appears on the BlogHer blog roll, but I did not see him anywhere all weekend. MIA George?
p.p.s.s. A big thank you to the organizers of BlogHer!

3 thoughts on “BlogHer : Words / Phrases of the Weekend

  1. I must say, I totally adored meeting you! I could have sat in that lobby talking to you all night were it not for the ‘I am going to pass out’ aspect.
    You must know, though, that I am simply going to have to quote you saying that the Mommy Bloggers are “Fun, enthusiastic, intelligent and they all partied like rock stars.” I know we shocked more than one BlogHer attendee. Ohhhh how I dread the rest of the photos!
    ~”one of the Jenn’s–one of the foul-mouthed Mommy Bloggers”

  2. Personally, I loved all the foul-mouthed Mommy Bloggers and all the Jens…
    And “Tastefully Tye Dyed Polyamorous Elves” – that phrase really rocks!

  3. I’m with you on the technorati wasis? Who cares!
    I don’t think we met although my brain is buzzing with who what when where. I live only a few miles from Badgerbag (one of the tasteful elves) and this is the first time we’ve met in person.
    I loved meeting people I feel really close to…
    I think the conference underscored that there really isn’t a single “woman’s point of view”

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