Bewitched and Women in America : Then vs. Now

LA Times Calendar feature article today, A witch with a new twitch, but it is director Nora Ephron’s quote about idenity that struck me more than the motivations of the actors:

While today, girl-empowerment (formerly known as feminism) seems as natural as Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions, Ephron, for one, remembers the dark days. “If you grow up in America when I did, you always have moments of forgetting that your career might be just as important as his, until you learn that,” she says.
She muses about another well-known Hollywood figure who’s just made her screen comeback. “I was fascinated reading the Jane Fonda book because she’s just such a parody of a certain kind of woman of my generation who keeps marrying her identity and keeps becoming the person she married. It’s flabbergasting. I would have never married a Republican or anything, but I certainly remember when I went to college, most of my classmates were going to marry their politics and marry their lives and their geographic destinations, and that’s when ‘Bewitched’ was a show on television.”
Life isn’t like that anymore. Says Ephron: “It’s getting better.”

But has it really gotten much better in the minds of women in America? How about the expectations of women?