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The Power of a Good Internet Search

File Under : Extraordinary or a Blessing…
Back when I was a young and idealistic college student, I decided to sign up with Compassion International and support a child’s education. My Compassion child was a bright, engaging 9 year old girl from the Tamil Nadu state of India. She wrote regular letters me about her school, her studies, her hopes and her family for nine years and I wrote back telling her of college and a bit of my life.
When Esther turned 18, Compassion cut me off and switched, with no notice, my monthly support to a 7 year old boy in the Philipines. I was very upset, as I had encouraged Esther to go to university and continue her studies. I had written Compassion asking if I could send Esther money for college. No go. They only supported children until they were 18.
I called Compassion to vent my frustration and told them that I would like to write a goodbye letter, they said that they would pass it on. I didn’t hear from Esther again.
Until today. I opened my gmail account that I use to funnel emails from this site and found the following email:

Hello Jenifer,
I am looking for a Ms. Jenifer Hanen. I know that her birthday is on the 24th of April and that she loves painting. I browsed the net with this info and found this link I am hoping you are the person I have been trying to look for.
Let me tell you about myself. I am Esther from India.

The one and same Esther. Thank God. The one and same Esther is now working for a large company and has a Bachelors in Computer Science. Yeah!
Idealism pays off in the long run.


It is Alex’s night tonight (read : noisecoregrungemetalsludge) and I am sitting at the door taking money, trying to make a multiple page php form that I coded last night work.
While Alex and I’s musically tastes do overlap about 70% of the time, there is the other 30% that has no overlap. As a team who brings bands into the venue it makes for some interesting debates during office hours and more interesting complaints the night of.
Tonight I am not complaining of the music (blech) but of my lack of ability to find a good tutorial or a post on how to take a php form and make it print (echo) the screen first for viewing/approval and then hit another button to submit it to email. I am finding tutorials on simple how to email forms (got that working) and really complex arrays (don’t need that) but nothing in the beginning to intermediate level of stringing two forms together…. bugger. (If you know of a tutorial or info on this, let me know.)
Whilst perusing Webdesign-L for php help, I found a post by a designer who did this site for Flamenco dancers (Producciones Sonakay), and the design made me gasp. Most XHTML/CSS sites are very boxy and a bit boring, but I love the big S that breaks up the form and the images for navigation. Christoph, thank you for the delightful eye candy!