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You know your RSS reader is too good, when you….

…dream that Doug has a baby (not a wife or girlfriend, but Doug himself) named Jeffery David DaBruno(?) Bowman. Ugh! My 6:30 am dream did not answer the question of “Will the baby grow up to be a WaSP mafioso leg breaker for no use of tables in layout?”.
I suppose it does not help that my bedtime reading has been the Zen of CSS Design.
After trying a wide variety of RSS readers – online ones, stand alone software, and plug-ins for Mozilla, I happily settled on InfoRSS. InfoRSS has a jaunty ticker of my fave blog and news headlines trotting along on the bottom toolbar of my Mozilla browser and mail. I see it out of the corner of my eye all day and when it trots out a headline that I have not seen yet, I click on the headline and InfoRSS brings up a new tab with the blog post or website in question. A lovely system for someone who enjoys the visuals of a website as much as the content.
But now I am mentally swimming in blog reading and dreaming about it… Sorry Doug.