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Downtime and Concentrating

I loved the winter in Boston. I got quite a lot of reading and painting done, as well as walking. I was thinner then. I love cold. I miss it now that I am back home in SoCal. The too-warm weather this week is driving me to SF next week.
One of the reasons that I applied for graduate school in Europe was the hope to return to a walking city and the hope for more uninterrupted time to make art, write, read and think due to inclement weather and a lack of overstimulation.
Meg says it all in her post about the overstimulation of LA and how our over-busy lives crowd out our creative impulses and acting out of those impulses. I must agree. I had to carve out this evening to catch up on the blog posts that have been bouncing around my head this week.
Yesterday I received an email from the admissions office of the university I applied to saying that they have received my full package and that it has moved on to departmental consideration. I was quite surprised that a busy admin office took the time to let me know that my little package had been processed and sent off to the department. How kind and thoughtful.
The email came the day had I planned to send an email inquiring if my package had arrived. The US Postal Service does not track Global Priority or Express Mail. I sent my application package off on April 12th and wanted to wait until May 12th to inquire that all was well. The deadline is June 12th and I hope to hear yea or nea by July.
On tenderhooks here in the land of warm weather, too much to do, make, say and write.

2500 Sq. Ft. and some DDT

Last night Heidi and I met at the Farmer’s Market at 3rd & Fairfax in LA to have dinner and a good chat. Over 3 hours we caught up, cooked up a Heidi’s Night Of Beauty at Alex’s for July, and talked about life, the world, the entertainment industry, and development in the Central Valley of California.
While in college, many moons ago, painter Christine Anderson presented a visiting artist’s lecture on her series of paintings on how suburbian track homes were overrunning America’s best farm land. In the 15 years since, I have spent time thinking about and ranting about how Americans have a predilection for paving over any good bit of land.
A couple of years ago, while at breakfast, my brother Joe and I got into a discussion about how California needs to conserve its best farm land and not put up track housing over the land that feeds our nation plus many others. My brother stated that all we had to do was get our produce from Mexico.


A Chirpy Little Lark

Charlie is hosting a Meet Up and I am going. He said the magic words to a die hard tapas and wine fan… The Thirsty Bear.
Today in class, I had my students write on Dave Hickey’s essay “Unbreak My Heart, An Overture” from Air Guitar.
From page 13:

That was the best thing about little stores. If you were a nobody like me, and didn’t know anything, you could go into one of them and find things out. People would talk to you, not because you were going to buy something, but because they loved the stuff they had to sell. The guy at the Billabong Surf Shop, I can assure you, wants to talk about his boards. Even if you want to buy one, right now, he still wants to talk about them, will talk you out into the street, you with the board under your arm, if he is a true child of the high water.
And I love that kind of talk, have lived on it and lived by it, writing that kind of talk for magazines. To me, it has always been the heart of the mystery, the heart of the heart: they way people talk about loving things, which things and why.

One of the questions I asked my students to address in their writing about Hickey’s essay and then in class discussion is what do you talk about that you love so much that you will talk to strangers about it? I love the internet, I love blogs, I love writing, I love photography, I love my Nokia 7610, I love wine and tapas. And I want to talk to and listen to other lovers of all of these things.
So, I shall go to Charlie’s Meet Up. Besides, I need a good lark, a road trip, a small mid-week holiday.
I will arrive in San Francisco around 4pm on Tues. May 17th, staying at my fave little hotel on 7th & Mission in SoMa, and will be there through Wednesday afternoon or maybe later (I just have to be back in SoCal by 2pm on Thursday).
Anyone want to get together? Hang out? Have a meal? Go to an Art Museum? Walk around? Talk about what we love?

Almost Finished… Almost…

Almost Finished... Almost...

Photo of the Double Delight and Midnight Blue roses taken on Mon. 05.09.05 with Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610.
Wed. 05.11.05 – After working in my driveway side another 4 hours today, I am almost done. I have all the plants and roses in that my mom and I got on April 25th. I have another 4 foot section of heinous tuber/rhizomes to dig out tomorrow morning and then I need to decide if I will get another rose bush or another salvia. Decisions…