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You know your RSS reader is too good, when you….

…dream that Doug has a baby (not a wife or girlfriend, but Doug himself) named Jeffery David DaBruno(?) Bowman. Ugh! My 6:30 am dream did not answer the question of “Will the baby grow up to be a WaSP mafioso leg breaker for no use of tables in layout?”.
I suppose it does not help that my bedtime reading has been the Zen of CSS Design.
After trying a wide variety of RSS readers – online ones, stand alone software, and plug-ins for Mozilla, I happily settled on InfoRSS. InfoRSS has a jaunty ticker of my fave blog and news headlines trotting along on the bottom toolbar of my Mozilla browser and mail. I see it out of the corner of my eye all day and when it trots out a headline that I have not seen yet, I click on the headline and InfoRSS brings up a new tab with the blog post or website in question. A lovely system for someone who enjoys the visuals of a website as much as the content.
But now I am mentally swimming in blog reading and dreaming about it… Sorry Doug.



Sun. 05.22.05 – Congratulations to Dennis and Cassendre! This Sat.
they got engaged and made an offer on an Eichler house in Orange.
Wahoo, they will back in the neighborhood!

And There Goes The New Grass…

And There Goes The New Grass...

Mon 05.23.05 – Three months since I wrote the landlady requesting that the overgrown backyard ficus get trimmed and three weeks after grass seed was planted, I came home from a client meeting to discover the ficus being chopped and the new grass trampled. Good thing that there is a half bag of seed left…

Ms. Jen takes the Baton….

Wag passed the baton to me… Thanks Wag! Here’s my contribution to the musical meme that continues to trot around the blog-world:
Total volume of music files on my computer: A peasly 2.68 GB. I only keep what I am currently listening to on my computer, the rest of my music is cds in my car or room. I like to leave room for lots and lots and lots of photos.
Last CD I bought: Gurgle… gurgle… agh…
I must admit as an editor on an online music zine and the co-booker at Alex’s Bar … lots of cds come in the mail, very rarely do they get bought…
Song playing right now: I am currently taking $ at the front door at Alex’s tonight for the Icarus Line / 400 Blows / Darker My Love show. Darker My Love is playing, I don’t know the name of the song.
Five songs I listen to a lot these days: I have had the same 5 cds in the car for a couple of weeks now, including my road trip to the Bay Area, and all of these songs I listen to on my computer frequently as well:
1) Gina from San JoseEleven Hundred Springs – I love the honestly in Matt Hillyer’s voice as he sings this raw honky tonk love song to his real life lady.
2) The OutlawDropkick Murphys – I love the Murphys. Love the power of this song. This is the best song off of the last CD, Blackout.
3) City of Blinding LightsU2 – This song has grown on me. When I first heard it, I thought it was too slow and a bit schmaltzy lyrically. Now I love it.
4) This Old HouseLoretta Lynn – The whole of the “Van Lear Rose” CD makes me happy and sad at the same time. I like to listen to it late at night a cry. Specifically, “This Old House” is a great tale of a song with wonderful, spacious old timey instrumentation.
5) Hey Bartender – Laurel Aitkin – This “First Wave” Ska song makes me laugh whenever I hear it. It is very infectious, esp. the hiccups.
And now I pass the baton to:
Julie Wanda
Megan and Murray