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Why Washington Mutual Sucks, Part 34,981

Here’s the sound of me screaming in frustration:
That is the result of my noon visit to my local branch of my very lame bank, Washington Mutual.
Once upon a time, a very long time ago, major banks offered a wide range services and had trained employees. Unfortunately this state of affairs is now a fantasy…
The sad reality is that the folks at my local branch of a major, national bank had no clue, including the manager, on where one could go to have a bank or cashier’s check cut in Euros.
Yes, Euros, the currency that has surpassed the US Dollar in strength and investment cache.
Back in the day when the great dinosaurs still roamed the earth… oh about 10 or 12 years ago, my local major California bank (Security Pacific) could make checks in British Pounds. Wahoo. Guess who Washington Suck Mutual bought out?. When Security Pacific couldn’t do a banking event for you, the nice teller would recommend a local bank that could.
Not the case any more under the not so benevolent rule of WaMu. When I minorly lost my temper with usually nice, but unhelpful teller, I stated, “You know, there are more nations and currencies in the world than just America. And as a major bank, if you can’t provide the service, then you should have a reference for someone who can.”
Hey Washington Mutual, Please stop taking over good banks and making them medicore.
Funny thing… On the Downtown Disney property in Anaheim, they have a currency exchange place that can also cut one a check in Euros. The Maus is progressive or just savy enough to realize that local people, just not international guests, would like to occasionally bank in other currencies. Funny that.

2 Responses to “Why Washington Mutual Sucks, Part 34,981”

  1. Beatrice

    Washington Mutual is the worst bank I have ever known. They claim they are free to draw people with limited money to make money of them…They open every account with something called a courtesy overdraft which is not explained to the user.
    Each time you use your bank card when you do not have money; they honor it and charge 30 dollars for every transaction. This has got to stop. I was on vacation and left the card with my family only to find 100s of overdraft charges in my account.
    They are ripp offs targeted at taking money from the low income families…
    Do not buy into their crap. They SUCK.

  2. citizenlen

    I agree, WaMu has raped bankers for years. The tellers and managers are not only incompetent but void of common customer service, which they advertise (customer service)like a $5 hooker.
    I plan to make a shirt that says washingtonmutualsucks.com if I can get the permission of Scott Donnelly and close my account wearing that shirt. I have never despised big-wig corporations until now. They have crap on their patrons and sucked the finances of working class people.
    Or I can get a shirt that says ‘I’d rather get STD than do banking with WaMu.’