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The Best Song… Ever…

DKM Photo by Ms. Jen, Punk Rock Bowling 2003

Ok, maybe “Amazing Grace“, “Hey Jude“, “Manzanar“, and Handel’sMessiah Chorus” are better… but after four years of repeated listening, the Dropkick Murphy’sThe Gauntlet” is my fifth favorite song of all time. It even beats out two songs I have been singing consistently for over thirty years: “If you are Happy and You Know It” and the Oscar Meyer Wiener song.
The drum intro to the Dropkick Murphy’sThe Gauntlet” is amazing and makes me happy even when all else fails and my world is falling apart. The lyrics are an inspirational anthem to fight back. And… Al Barr’s growl kicks serious Bootay.
Forget dumb ole’ fire fightin’ bad eyebrowed McColgan… Let’s talk Barr…
I heart the Murphys… Thankfully, they are putting out another CD in June.

Senior Shows – Megan

Senior Shows - Megan

Mon 04.11.05 – Megan Norris’ Senior Art Exhibit was a wonderful installation of aviation maps that were crafted into paper airplanes hanging from the gallery’s ceiling or maps that Megan had embroidered aviation imagery onto with colored thread.