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And on a Better Note…

My NatGeo Genographic kit came in the mail today! Wahoo…
I found out about the Genographic in the LA Times last Wednesday, ordered my kit online that night, and it was in my mailbox today!
From the 4/13/05 LA Times article:

The National Geographic Society is launching a massive project today to trace the migratory history of humans, a five-year effort that will involve the collection and analysis of DNA from more than 100,000 people around the world.
“We already have a general view of the very early Paleolithic migrations,” said geneticist Spencer Wells, a National Geographic explorer-in-residence who will lead the project. “Humans spread out of Africa, then moved out of Eurasia, but it gets very hazy after that. We’re going to nail down the details of that story.”

The Chief Inquisitor?

Oh, dear.
Guess I am stickin’ with the Protestants for a bit longer. Anyone know of any good charismatic Anglican churches in North OC / South LA? Where women are an integral part of the leadership? Sigh…

Searching for Reception Sites

Searching for Reception Sites

Mon 04.18.05 – Today Erika and I went all over LA looking at wedding/reception sites and for her wedding dress. It was fun, as neither of us are the kind of girls who are “into” this kind of thing. To make the day platable, we started out by going to dim sum in Chinatown before going to Elysian Park, Pasadena, and Mid-town.

On Clients and Ethics

My creative work life is divided into three parts: freelance web design, music business and marketing consultancy, and teaching web design and art history at a local university. All of this keeps me quite busy, to say the least.
Of course, ethical dilemmas arise. When I get approached to take on a new client, I glibly tell folks that I don’t do porn or spam of any kind. I have had to turn down a few web design clients who had links to the porn industry even if it was loosely linked or their site was “art” nudes. I refer them to other designers.
I now have a new ethical dilemma: race. One of my longtime web design clients has started to employ skinheads of the wrong sort at their business, because the client thinks they are just “nice clean cut young men.” I have had a trickle of feedback from my Mexican-American or Native American friends about said business, and they have not questioned my ethics of doing the website, but have instead asked me to question my client on their behalf as to why the client employs skinheads of the wrong sort.
However, an incident happened yesterday in which the skinheads openly used intimidation and violence that was clearly racially motivated. When I heard about it, I found myself thinking, “I have to cancel this client.”