Monthly Archives: April 2005

St. Francis & The Night Heron


Sat. 04.30.05 – I joined Erika, Marti, and Joanna at the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino for tea. Afterwards we walked the gardens and I saw this heron hanging out next to a statue of St. Francis.
Other sights, left to right: folks feeding crackers to the coy, baby fish in the Japanese Garden coy pond, and a lovely eucalytus tree.

All the above photos taken with Ms. Jen’s Casio Exlim-Z40

Photos from Tea and the Rose Garden, left to right: Ms. Jen and Ms. Marti, a lovely Rose, and Lara & Erika in the Rose Garden.

All the above photos taken with Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610

Plus my Flickr Photoset of the Cactus Garden.

After a Month and a half of Being Out Sick…


Sugar Plum is nearly back!
On Fri. March 4th, I came out of teaching my class to see Sugar Plum peeing every possible fluid onto the Biola parking lot tarmac. Yikes!
I had a big debate with myself that afternoon, as I took her to the local mechanic and the cost to replace the oil pan and water pump was the same as the funds I had saved up for food and expenses at SXSW. Yikes!
I called my brother to ask if I could borrow his Mustang until I had returned from SXSW and could get Sugar Plum repaired. Best yet, my brother said that if I brought SP to his house he would repair her.
Over a month has gone by, gas prices have made driving the lovely V-8 Mustang a bit of a pain, but Sugar Plum is almost fixed! This week, Joe took the oil pan out for repair, as we tried to find a new one to no avail. He steam cleaned the engine today to look for more leaks, none. And next week he will replace the water pump.
Super Joe to the rescue!