SXSW Day 4 – Recap

Most photos with Ms. Jen’s Nokia 7610.

Mon. 03.14.05 – SXSW Day 4
9am – breakfast with the Brits
10am – Does Design Matter?
Yes, it does.
11:30am – Blogging While Black
Lynn Johnson :
Tiffany Brown :
George Kelly :
Tony Pierce :
Jason Toney :
What is in a name and why does it matter?
Black Blogger or Blogging while black? Does it matter?
TB – I think race matters online. If you are a black feminist, it is nice to find others like you online.
TP – I am a black man. I am a black blogger. Interestingly, when people see me, people don’t think I am black and when they read my blog they don’t think I am a black blogger.
JT – If you Google me, I am the “Negro”.
GK – I am a black blogger.
JT – How white is your blogroll? People link to the people they read or see every day and who you respect. If you are a white male and only see other white males, then your blogroll will be white. Idenity blogging matters.
Anil : There are 100 Blogospheres. Some crossover, some don’t. A listers in each blogosphere. Not just political blogs or tech blogs or teenage diaries, but many many more.
1pm – Bloggies – A good half of the winners were not there. Still fun, esp. the IRC folk and Ernie.
Lunch at the Liberty Tavern. Good Manhattan Clam Chowder – not creamy – but with tomatos in the broth.
3:30pm – Flash vs. HTML Gameshow
High end applications – flash is winning.
Flash: 120
HTML: 152
Simon questions:
Jen notes : But what about day to day websites? Flash MX2005 is too hard to learn and is not intuitive as previous versions were.
5pm – How to Trick Out Your Blog
Dunstan Orchard, Matt Mullenweg, Jay Allen, Tantek Celik
Jay’s Presentation
Why – Sense of self (reflections of identity online), Tinkerers and those who like to experiment, Ease of Use, More Readership
Basics –
Good Content – The ONLY reason people come back, Your passions, not theirs, Consume to find out what you love.
Personalize – Customize your styles, keep your default templates,
Consumption Ready – easily readable and accessible, Easy navigation, Search engine friendly URLs, Clean semantic markup.
Highlight Activity – RSS Fees, Atom Feeds, Notification, Recent Comment List, create a community around the post, keep things simple
Dunstan & Jay – make nice incremental improvements by reading and looking at your own blog and think how do I use this? What would I want to do?
Jen Note: Try Technorati link / search as an addition to trackback. Go to Jay’s mt-blacklist site for more stuff. Go to SA for plugins.
Jay : AJAX

6:15pm or so
: I went to dinner with Jeremy Keith, Kyle Bradshaw, Cindy Li, Richard Rutter, Anders Pearson and Nonni at Finn & Porter at the Hilton. It was delightful. I had halibut cheeks with mashed potatos and beet greens. Very delightful. Jeremy got a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that he shared.
Party Piglet Time : From there we dropped our bags off at the Hampton Inn. Then it was off to the end of the Blogger Party at Club Deville and then to The Sidebar for the Gawker Party. I had a good conversation with Jeff Veen and need to send him student URLs. Folks got mighty wrecked. I stopped drinking early and switched to soda water. I got a nice marriage proposal from a schnockered Sergio… Henry Copeland of Blog Ads was nice enough to walk back with me to the hotel door. Geeks are good peeps.